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Ghost Shrimp - All fish love these natural morsels. Rob's Baits: Licensed and 100% legal to sell this product


Wow! This stuff is unbelievable. - NEW PRODUCT ALERT - This stuff is literally a powder keg of scents all packed into one potent presentation. New method and new product. This stuff works! - Looking for something to out fish the guy next to you.. This stuff will do it! Sturgeon and sturgeon fishermen


SUPER SPAWN EGGS - Made from Wild Pacific Chinook Salmon Eggs. - rubbery outside with a liquid gel like center. - designed for the making of spawn sacs and roe bags. - Steelhead, Salmon and Trout go nuts for these things. - Colors : Dark Pink and Natural


Our mini shrimp tails are a hit! They are a great substitute for krill. Mini Tails do not require refrigeration or freezing and can be held in their re-usable plastic containers for many months at room temperature. Mini tails are soft, durable, user friendly and best of all, fish love them


Large ( golf ball sized ) pre-tied roe bags, ready for use. Can be used for sturgeon, steelhead and salmon fishing. - Fluorescent Pink + Orange - Contained in an 8 ounce plastic jar with hinge and locking flip top. - must be kept in our brine solution - eggs will break if pierced Qty : 6 bombs per

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