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At Rob's Baits our goal is to bring consistent high quality products to the table and provide outstanding service to both retail and wholesale customers. We have come a long ways in our 10 years of operations and we've introduced some very unique products to the bait fishing industry. To keep overheads down a in order to keep our prices low we decided against a website.

If you would like to see our photos, get more info or order our products, please visit our Facebook page...

Call us.. 1-604-274-6600


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If you are a fisherman of any type and your looking for great bait products then look us up. We created products never before seen or even heard of in the bait fishing market. Our newest item.. "Hot Cured Roe" : A completely new concept that has taken a few years to master but it's now in circulation and proving up extremely well as a bait directly tied to sturgeon fishing. This product is like no other! Our hot curing methods can be applied to any species of roe, whether it be salmon, trout, steelhead, herring or anything. I'm sorry to say, but it is our secret. Your are more than welcome to buy hot cured roe direct from us (not found in stores). It is available on a 1 lb tray and can be mailed or shipped to almost any destination in N. America.

By stretching the parameters we are also able to apply our hot curing techniques to our salmon and trout fishing baits. If you would like more info on this particular product or any of our other products please send us an...

Phone: 1-604-274-6600

Or look us up on Facebook:

- Please be sure to like our Facebook page and feel free to submit photos of your catches while using our products.
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Rob's Baits in now expanding. We now supply and ship bait all across Canada. Whether you are from the west coast, east coast or somewhere in between we will try to help you the best we can. Phone: 604-274-6600
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    Ghost Shrimp (Sand Shrimp) Ghost Shrimp - All fish love these natural morsels. Rob's Baits: Licensed and 100% legal to sell this product. 7 CAD

    " HOT CURED ROE " Wow! This stuff is unbelievable. - NEW PRODUCT ALERT - This stuff is literally a powder keg of scents all packed into one potent presentation. New method and new product. This stuff works! - Looking for something to out fish the guy next to you.. 18 CAD

    SUPER SPAWN EGGS SUPER SPAWN EGGS - Made from Wild Pacific Chinook Salmon Eggs. - rubbery outside with a liquid gel like center. - designed for the making of spawn sacs and roe bags. - Steelhead, Salmon and Trout go nuts for these things. - Colors : Dark Pink and Natural . 10 CAD

    Mini Shrimp Tails Our mini shrimp tails are a hit! They are a great substitute for krill. Mini Tails do not require refrigeration or freezing and can be held in their re-usable plastic containers for many months at room temperature.

    Salmon Bombs Large ( golf ball sized ) pre-tied roe bags, ready for use. Can be used for sturgeon, steelhead and salmon fishing. - Fluorescent Pink + Orange - Contained in an 8 ounce plastic jar with hinge and locking flip top. 8,99 CAD
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    PREMIUM Cured Roe
    PREMIUM Cured Roe
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    Ghost Shrimp
    Ghost Shrimp
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