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Scotia Personnel provides a spectrum of personnel services, educational opportunities, job opportunities and cultural exchange opportunities, nationally andor internationally.

Description de l'entreprise
Scotia Personnel Ltd. is a Canadian company which has been in business over twenty-five years. Scotia Personnel Ltd in conjunction with its overseas partners, provides a spectrum of personnel services, educational opportunities, job opportunities and cultural exchange opportunities, nationally and/or internationally, which include:

Work placement and educational studies programmes
Teaching English overseas
Tutoring English overseas
Summer Camps working with children in the United States and select countries in Europe
Au pair opportunities for young people throughout the world
International employment opportunities in the hotel hospitality field.
Au Pair Positions, Nanny Placement
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, 22 octobre 2019

This past year in the race of trying to find a summer job I stumbled upon Scotia Personnel on my university's job listing site. The job listed was an international Au-pair/ English Tutor and I knew that I wanted to go to Italy, but I didn’t know how I would make it happen. I applied anyway and I received a call. From there, everything was explained to me clearly and professionally. Scotia Personnel helped me realize that it was beyond possible for me to go! So, with all the program information in mind, I decided that I would go. When it was time for me to pick a family, they made sure that the families I chose from were safe and fit well for me. Through them, I found a wonderful family that I stayed with for 3 months in a small medieval town called Sarnano (near Ancona). It was amazing! We went to Rome, Tivoli, Florence, and Turin. By myself, I traveled to Milan, Bologna and even Ibiza in Spain! I learned so much Italian while I was in Italy, I went with a basic understanding of Italian and expanded my knowledge far beyond what I ever thought I would learn! Now I can read books and watch shows in Italian with little difficultly which feels amazing as I’ve been monolingual for most of my life. While I was away, Scotia Personnel checked up on me every so often to see if I was doing well and that I was happy. I’m so glad that I au-paired through them because they provided me another level of support that’s necessary when traveling abroad. Thank you so much Scotia Personnel!

, 13 octobre 2019

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with Scotia Personnel Ltd. I had a the esteemed opportunity to work with a representative that took ample time to coach and mentor me through the entire transition process. This summer I went to Calabasas to work at Salvation Army camp to work as a Program Team member.Through the entire experience I learnt that turning values into goals is of utmost importance to staying true to who you are and to being self-accomplished as a leader.As a leader in the Early Childhood Field, I strive to create moments that allow people to feel that they are better off after they have interacted with me. As a leader in the Early Childhood field it is very important that I recognize the leadership of others. As an Early Childhood leader it is my responsibility to empower children to reach their highest potential by channeling their hidden talents. Part of my philosophy of Early Childhood Education recognizes that children are capable beings and they are more than competent to make conscious decision about their wellbeing. During this opportunity, I was able to see parts of my philosophy in practice, interacting with school-age children allowed me to see that children are more capable than we believe. The ability to be impactful and empower young children to trust their competences is one of the leadership competences that I acquired through the two-month internship. My Camp staff were definitely trailblazers as it relates to inter-professional practices. One very important part of their strategic direction is-to develop partnership and strong relationships with various community partners, with an effort to maximize services for students and families. My agency partners with a variety of community based social service groups such as; local foster care agencies, through this agency they are able to provide Families with services such as-family yoga, meditation, knitting circles, peer counselling and also mental health first aid for parents with children who have varied mental health illnesses. My agency follows under the mission of The Salvation Army and therefore partners with these agencies to provide parents and children with spiritual growth. My agency also partners with the city of Calabasas, California by allowing their staff members to sit on various advisory committees such as the Youth Advisory Council, Child Care Advisory Group and The Salvation Army Divisional District. I have had the privilege to become a member of the Program Team at the Salvation Army Mount Crags/Gilmore camp, this group provides information, advice and recommendations to Divisional Leaders through the Community and Protective Service Committee on issues affecting child care of children from 5 years up to 16 years. Some of these issues include but are not limited to, special needs funding, resource centers funding, wage subsidy, childcare fee subsidy and health and safety issues related to playgrounds.I left California with lifelong friendships, I feel like my mentorship definitely continued, I invited a few to home in Canada and they were able to spend a few days at my house. I left so honored to be the leader for a group of driven and highly talented group of individuals. I was happy that I got over my imposter syndrome and was able to open up to me staff and also have that reciprocated. I am forever in-debt to Scotia Personnel for afforded me this rewarding and life-changing opportunity!

Thank You Scotia!!!!!!

Heres a video of one of my favourite adventures:

, 19 septembre 2019

This summer I traveled abroad with Scotia Personnel. I went to Spain for one month and to Italy for one month. I had an excellent experience from start to finish. The associates helped me through every step of the application process. I was paired with wonderful and very accommodating families who went out of their way to make me feel like I was a member of the family! Being completely immersed in the culture was such an incredible experience giving me memories to last a lifetime!

Emily Severin

, 17 septembre 2019

I went to England to work at a kids summer camp as a camp coach, with the help from Scotia personal. The camp had international and local kids, some learnt English and did activities and some did activities all day. We also had excursions every Wednesday and some Saturdays where I was paid to go look at castles and tour London with the kids; I even got paid to go to a theme park! I made a ton of friends - both Canadian and English- and experienced cultures from around the world through the kids I took care of. On my days off I travelled the uk with newly made friends, exploring places like the white cliffs of Dover, London, Canterbury, and beaches where I swam in the sea. I definitely plan on going back next summer!

Anna Mackenzie

, 14 juin 2019

I have worked with Scotia Personnel twice and have had a phenomenal experience both times. In 2016, I went to Palma Mallorca Spain as an Au Pair. They set me up with a wonderful family. My days would consist of waking up the 3 boys in the family, making them breakfast, taking them to the beach and then coming back to the house for lunch. During my weekends off, I would stay with the family because they would show me around the island. I still keep in contact with the family. In 2018, I went to England to work at a camp. The process of being able to work at the camp as a Canadian citizen would seem difficult but Scotia Personnel knew what needed to be done, how to do it , and when. They guided me throughout the entire process. I had the time of my life at the camp. On a day to day basis, my roommates and I would wake up and get breakfast. Each week we were given a group of kids. We would take them to activities throughout the day, eat lunch with them, and supervise them during evening activities. On off weekends I would go to London or just hangout with friends. At the begging of the camp I requested a week off in August. During that week I visited the family that I Au Paired for in Spain. I still keep in contact with the girls that I met at the camp. We always talk about how it was the best summer ever.

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