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Element 50 Second Fire Extinguisher

A normal 5lb fire extinguisher discharges for only 10 seconds. Element Fire Extinguisher discharges for 50 seconds! Element is a manual, portable aerosol fire extinguisher that works by interrupting a fire’s chain of reaction.
Canada's Smallest & Longest Lasting Fire Extinguisher Element's incredibly small size and extremely long duration gives you both the TIME and FREEDOM to easily and confidently put out a fire without the mess associated with a traditional extinguisher. When a fire happens, every second counts. That’s why you’ll be glad to have ELEMENT, Canada's smallest yet long-lasting fire extinguisher, close at hand. Over 50 seconds of fire extinguishing power, that can safely stay in your glovebox. Offering 50 seconds of fire fighting protection, E50 is recommended for professional use (automotive, power sports, garage, marine, etc). E50's extremely small and lightweight construction allow for storage almost anywhere. Internationally tested and certified. Using technology developed for the space program, Element fights fires on the molecular level by quickly and safely interrupting the chain of combustion.

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