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Current Ontario Court Covid-19 Updates


Visit the link below for updates on Ontario Court operations during the pandemic. Courts have suspended regular operations and only currently only bail hearings and in-custody plea hearings are proceeding. The link below will provide updated adjournment dates and information on court operations.



You've Been Arrest. Now what


Being arrested and charged with a criminal offence can be frightening. Thoughts of what will happen next can be overwhelming. Want to know what your next steps should be? The link below will take you to a blog that will explain what you need to do after being arrested.



Ten Things about Peace Bonds


What is a Peace Bond?


In simple terms, a Peace Bond is a promise to keep the peace and be of good behaviour of a specific period of time. It is not a criminal record and it is not admission of guilt.


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Ten Things About Peace Bonds

1. They generally come in two varieties: Common Law Peace Bond and a Section 810 Criminal Code Peace Bond.

2. A Section 810 Peace Bond will remain on your police record and background checks forever unless the police agency purges it.

3. You cannot get a ‘pardon’ or ‘record suspension’ for a peace bond.

4. A peace bond must be issued by a criminal court Judge or a Justice of the Peace after they are satisfied that grounds exist to justify its issuance.

5. Every peace bond has statutory terms – keep the peace and be of good behaviour - and can have additional optional terms that should be focused to address the grounds for issuing the bond.

6. A Common Law Peace Bond is only in force for 12-months, BUT a Section 810 Peace Bond can be in force for up to 3-years.

7. Failing to comply with the conditions of a peace bond can lead to criminal charges. Being convicted of breaching these conditions can ultimately result in a criminal record. Also, it can result in a jail sentence with the maximum plenty being four years.

8. Breaching a peace bond will mean forfeiting the money pledged when entering the peace bond. Usually a nominal amount between $500 and $2000.

9. A peace bond is NOT an admission of guilt and is NOT a criminal record, BUT can have future impacts on employment opportunities and travel.

10. A person can voluntarily agree to enter in to a peace bond or challenge the issuances of it.



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