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Wall Decal Ideas for a Romantic Couple’s Bedroom

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Your house is your den, and your bedroom is the favourite corner of your den. This corner is the space that clouds your mind after a long and tiring day at work. But it is more than just a room to sleep.

Your bedroom is that part of the house that gives you maximum comfort and privacy with your beloved. This is the place that can be best described as a sacred space that provides you and your partner the refuge from the hurly-burly of the external world.

twiisted Wall Decal Décor

To make this space truly your own sanctuary, here is what our solution is:

Wall decals! Yes! These popular wall murals can be the ideal solutions for those boring and dull walls in your bedroom that have been taking a toll on your love life.

Why Wall Decals?

Removable wall decal and stickers are hit these days. They can be seen on most walls, whether it is the wall of a house, office or restaurant. Certain qualities have helped them take over the entire wall décor market.

Wall decals are:

• Excellent in quality

• Cost-effective

• Easy to apply

• Easy to remove

• Inspiring and motivating

• Affordable

Explore Wall Decal Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Let’s check out some of the most beautiful, passionate, and romantic wall decal ideas for you and your partner’s bedroom:

a. Is your beloved husband one of those who always forgets the norm of a goodnight kiss? Then the latest, trendy and large, always kiss me goodnight wall decal for the wall in your bedroom will work as the best reminder. A wall sticker with such exclusivity can be just applied to any and every smooth and uniform surface. Plus, it is easy to remove and re-apply.

b. For the love birds that fight like angry birds, a love arrow vinyl wall decal can work like a cupid’s dart. Get this love arrow designed on the wall just behind your bed and let the cupid’s love dart do the magic for you to make you fall deeply in love all over again.

c. Does a bouquet of flowers make her face blush more than the blush on the flowers? Then why not surprise her with a floral wall decal in the bedroom. To add on, you can have en number of choices when it comes to flower wall stickers – autumn flowers, spring flowers, maple flowers and the list is endless.

d. Maybe you can’t get her the real stars, but you can surely make her experience the heavenly beauty of the stars with ‘glow in the dark stars wall decal’. Turn the lights off and let the stars above you shine bright like diamonds. Don’t forget! These wall decals must be exposed to light before they glow in the dark.

So what are you waiting for? Take your days and nights to another level of romance with these incredible wall decal ideas. Don’t be boring; unleash your romantic side by coming up with your own wall decal ideas. For sure, love in the air will make you run home to your beloved after work.

Graphic Design Trends For Walls


In an office or home a large wall is really nothing more than a huge canvas waiting for personality to fill it up. Typically that means a couple of coats of paint to fit into the overall theme of the room or business setting. But thanks to modern digital print technology walls are far more than just places to cover up in paint.

Imagine the blank wall that spans across the width of your living or working space as a giant mural. With media wall printing this can easily be achieved transforming that otherwise flat space into an interesting visual that makes the entire room come alive.

Photorealistic Wall Murals

Depending on the mood you are trying to create, the graphic design of a wall mural cannot be beat for a realistic transformation. Photorealistic murals are a large reproduction of a landscape, scene, view or any other stunning site that produces an impact.

A doctor’s office waiting room wall could have a waterfall fill it from edge to edge to calm patients waiting their turn to be seen. A hectic business office could have a large cityscape stretched across the room to fit in with the movement within the room.

Wallpaper Murals

The versatility of wallpaper murals makes them a great choice for a redecorating project without the expense of paint and supplies. They are available in various materials and have many different designs and patterns to choose – ranging from animals to scenes.

Full Size Wall Art

Media wall printing can create a piece of artwork to perfectly fit the size of your wall. It can be printed on canvas, paper or directly on the wall. A hand-painted piece of wall art will require slightly more maintenance than a print, but will give a room a personalized touch.

Wall Decals

Another innovative form of graphic design for a wall is in the form of decals. They come in various packages with themes to them where you would apply them however you wish on a wall. The peel ‘n’ stick nature of the decals makes them reusable and removable.

Still Need Some Inspiration?

So you don’t have an office space with a huge wall. You still have walls in your home and regardless of their size, wall murals can bring character into your home. Not only will a large wall become a focal point in the room, the right mural can make a smaller room look bigger.

Living Room Wall Treatments

House not big enough for a fireplace or just too small? With the right media wall printing you can have a jungle scene, winter landscape or cozy fireplace to curl up to setting the mood without the extra work required. Living rooms can be completely transformed with the right mural.

Bedrooms Convert Easily

You can use a bedroom wallpaper mural to substitute for a headboard, cover the walls with large digital photorealistic murals of trees or a bubbling brook to allow you a place to relax indoors. For children, the bedroom ceiling could have a sky mural on it to help them fall asleep.

Contact Us For Details

As you can see, graphic design elements can take many shapes and formats and is not always just about advertising services or products. At Twiisted Media we can create wall decals and media wall printing products to change the look of any wall, any size. Call or e-mail us today.

Paint the Walls Without Painting the Walls



There comes a time in the life of every home when it is time to do some updating. Often this involves a series of interior and exterior renovations. Usually these are brought about when thoughts of selling the home and moving into something bigger or to another town occur. Other times the updating process is to make a home more livable with a fresh look. One of the easiest and most affordable of these renovation updates is related to wall covering.

Paint and stain has been the standard for many years. For the most part, the only choices available were solid colours and contrasting trim colours added some personality to a room. Over the years interior decorators looked to adding a more contemporary spin to walls and this opened the doors to various texture wall treatments. In today’s world the trend is moving away from textures and shifting into wall decals.

Wall graphics

The Benefits of Using Wall Graphics

If the image that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘wall decals’ is of various stickers, then you are not far off the mark. However, the current style of wall graphics is very different from what you may picture in your mind and as a result, has many benefits for use in renovation projects.

1 – Affordability

Sets of wall decals come in themes and the packages of themed graphics are complete. For example, in a child’s nursery you could use a theme of clowns or animals and either cover a portion of a wall or the entire room at a fraction of the cost of several coats of paint.

2 – Flexibility

Wall graphics are easy to change. For example, if you used a clown or animal theme in your child’s nursery, once they grow to an age where the theme doesn’t seem to be as appealing you can change the decals to something else. This is far easier than a new paint job.

3 – Ease of Use

The best part of any kind of wall treatment using wall graphics is the ease in which they are to use. The vinyl patterns and decals peel on and peel off. They leave no marks and can be reused several times. This makes them a great investment that is simple to work with and to move around.

4 – Creativity Galore

Wall decals are not just in solid colours. They include various graphics and shapes that allow you to be as creative as you need to be to add personality to the wall you are treating. Imagine a wall in a solid colour of paint versus a wall covered with wall graphics of animals or clowns in a child’s nursery. Which one has the most personality? If you said the wall covered in decals you would be…right!

5 – Graphics Are Fun to Use

Okay, this should be a given. When you use decals to treat a wall you don’t need to lay out a drip cloth. You don’t have to remove or cover furniture in the room. You don’t have to wear your “working in the garden” clothes, nor do you need to keep the room well ventilated and countless other steps and procedures when using paint or stain. With wall graphics you just open the package and peel ‘n’ stick to a clean wall. You don’t like where you put that vinyl animal graphic? Peel it off and stick it on the wall somewhere else. It can’t be any easier and any less fun than that.

BLIK’s Large Wall Panels Can Be the Next Big Game Changer in the Style of a Room



The four walls of any space play an important role in creating a unique impression. This is why it is important to decorate those walls with love. There is no point leaving your room lifeless. Your walls would look beautiful, and the room would feel different if you use a wall decal. Wall decals give you the chance to make any surface more fun, stylish and luxurious. Not to forget, when you plan to transform your spaces, you have the opportunity to express yourself through your walls. Would you agree?

Wall graphics

Plain Walls are Boring! Make Yours Fun!

Embrace the most popular, interesting and inexpensive wall ideas to give your room a mini-renovation. Just pick out the wall graphic that you like the most and brighten up your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen in no time and with no hassle! Try out wall decals, take them off and move them around without damaging your walls.

Bring Back your Spaces to Life with Wall Decals

While florals, delicate branches, quotes and graphic shapes have made their way onto walls, these days, BLIK’s much talked about oversized wall panels have become the inspiring treatments to help you think outside of the plain white box and revive the walls that surround you.

What is so special about BLIK Wall Panels?

BLIK, the leading designer and maker of self-adhesive, removable wall and surface graphics, partnered with Neasden Control Centre aka Stephen Smith, a U.K. based artist and illustrator, to launch its first collection of wall panels.

Previously, Stephen Smith’s art has been exhibited internationally. And now, Smith’s original artwork on the large wall panels is launched to make a bold home design statement.

These oversized graphic panels are similar to a wallpaper but without the mess. The panels are printed on eco-friendly, fabric-based material, are self-adhesive and do not require any sticky paste to install. Great! Isn’t it?

Fill a Wall with BLIK Wall Panels

Pick your favorite colorful collage of patterns, shapes and scribbles from the nine wall panel designs. Three of the wall panels are popular Neasden Control Center (NCC) designs from his collection of home goods with BLIK: NCC Leaf, NCC Purple Leaf and NCC Blues. While the other six NCC designs are new - NCC B&W, NCC Blue Horizon, NCC Pink Mountain, NCC Sun, NCC Overlap and NCC See Saw.

Each wall panel set from BLIK comes with three 36" x 96" panels, that, when hung on the wall, form a 6 feet x 8 feet mural. The only thing you might need is a partner to help a panel get aligned on your wall as these panels are long. Happy peel and stick!

Add personality and liveliness to your spaces with BLIK’s decorative artworks

What are you waiting for? It’s time to bring some color, pattern and graphic goodness to your home walls with BLIK wall panels available at Twiisted Media.

Commercial Car Wraps The Latest Looks



In Canada where 13.5 million commuters spend an average of 65 minutes on the road each day, out-of-home advertising has become increasingly essential to every company’s marketing plan. Commercial car wraps play a substantial role in reaching this captive commuter audience.

According to 3M’s Mobile Media Advertising division, 97% of consumers surveyed recalled the wrap advertising they had seen and 98% were left with a favorable impression of the advertiser.  A study by the Out-Of-Home Marketing Association of Canada indicates that individuals are more receptive to advertisements when away from home. An American study recently found that consumers acted on out-of-home advertising within a half-hour after exposure 22% of the time.

Using sophisticated printing technology, your business logo and message can become a moving advertisement that reaches consumers when and where they are making their buying decision.

Staying Ahead and Standing Out

Here are some of the latest trends in the fleet wrap industry to help you make the most of your commercial vehicle wrap marketing efforts:


By their nature, vehicle wraps are advertising in motion. But new printing technologies allow you to catch your customer’s eye with an ever changing view. Shift effect or shade shifting vinyls reflect a different color depending or your viewing angle and amount of light present. Using photographs or digital images, you can draw even more attention by presenting an optical illusion of movement or three dimensions on your vehicle.   


Can you imagine a vehicle wrapped in velvet? Someone has. A specially developed film coated with real textile fibers can give an entire car exterior the look and feel of real velvet. Three-dimensional wraps that add not just the appearance of texture but actual textures will continue to inspire designers in the years to come.

From the flash of chrome to the dimension of carbon fiber, textured vinyl films can add depth to your commercial car wrap. Realistic chrome, brushed, and matte metallic finishes are now available in a huge selection of colors. The look of water, woodgrain or snakeskin can all be achieved using printed vinyl wraps.


Reflective and fluorescent vinyl is nothing new and has been used on emergency and safety vehicles for years. But, new vinyls that glow in the dark will light up your entire vehicle.

New uses for reflective vinyl are also being put to use. Ghost graphics  are color matched reflective design features that blend into the car’s finish by day but light up with images or words when hit by illumination at night. LED vinyls are so bright that when photographed at night, any background colors fade to black.

The vehicle wrap industry is positioned for continued growth in years to come, how will you use this medium to take your message to the street?

Increase Brand Recognition with Vehicle Wrapping



As a business owner, there are many ways to market your brand or product. However, if you are looking for the best way to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on people, then you might want to consider vehicle wrapping. Advertising on your vehicle is known to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

What is Vehicle and Livery Wrap?

A livery wrap is simply a mobile billboard that can connect with customers in a unique way. It is installed on a vehicle and helps promote your business by simply displaying a colorful and attention-grabbing graphic. The wrap can cover the entire vehicle or simply a portion of it. Printed in full color, vehicle wrapping is very eye-catching and will not damage your vehicle, but rather turn your cars into a work of art. Plus, you can easily remove the wrap if necessary.

Whether you are planning a big event or simply want to wrap your company vehicles, you are sure to catch the attention of many passersby. livery design has proven to be a very effective way to advertise.

How Do I Get a Vehicle Wrapping?

If you are in the market for high-quality and affordable livery design and wrap, you want to work with a company that has extensive experience turning a standard vehicle into a work of art. Twiisted Media is one of the leading livery wrap companies. As an award-winning design company, Twiisted Media has helped many businesses, both large and small, publicize their brand using livery wraps.

The creative team at Twiisted Media can guide you through the design process to help your vision come to life. Whether you want to promote a new product or service, or simply want to bring attention to your business, they can help create a design that will capture the attention of thousands both on and off the road. Once your design is complete, their skilled technicians will transform your vehicle or livery with your new high-quality wrap.

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition and match up to large companies, don’t look any further, a vehicle wrapping is the way to go. At Twiisted Media, they have the resources and expertise to create the custom livery wraps you need for your business. To learn more about their wrap services, visit their website today at

It’s Time to Get Your Supercar or Luxury Car Dressed for the Diamond Rally



If you’ve enrolled to participate in this year’s Luxury and Supercar Diamond Rally, time is almost up to find the right outfit for your car. This year’s Diamond Rally is the weekend of May 14. Do you know what your car is going to wear? Custom car graphics let you show your distinctive style at an event filled with distinctive cars.

car wrap

Rally for Good

The Diamond Rally is a fabulous annual event that combines a great scenic drive with even greater causes. Invited supercar and luxury car participants will travel the Sea to Sky Highway #99 from Vancouver to Whistler. The Diamond Rally Charity Challenge allows teams to show support for their favorite charity along the way. To join in the Charity Challenge, participants are asked to make a donation or raise funds to be paid directly to the charity of their choice. The team can then have a custom decal created for their charity and display the emblem on their car during the rally. Corporate driving teams may also display the decals of corporate sponsors. Of course, every super or luxury car will have its own individual look on display as well.

Looking good—while doing good—will have its reward at this event. Trophies will be awarded for the Best Livery/Decal for both corporate and private participants. Twiisted Media is proud to be an official supplier of corporate and charity decals for this year’s Diamond Rally. We are up to the challenge and ready to help you create a custom livery wrap or decal that will catch the judges’ eyes. Just contact Jeremy at or 604-779-7792 to get started on your design.

Need inspiration?

In September, Twiisted Media was awarded the Best Commercial Livery Award at the Luxury and Supercar Weekend. Here’s the winning entry created for Exit Canada.

You can view more of last year’s Diamond Rally superstars at the rally’s official Instagram page.

See the Show

If you aren’t able to participate in this year’s Diamond Rally, don’t miss the chance to see some really exquisite-looking cars and wraps over the weekend. Before the rally begins, teams can mingle and check out the competition in Vancouver. On Saturday, the rally will stop at Chances Gateway Casino and Pemberton Airport. Finally, on Sunday, May 15th ,you can test drive select dealers’ luxury or supercars at Fairmont Chateau Whistler or the Four Seasons Hotel. You can bet you’ll find lots of fellow supercar and luxury car drivers and fans along the Sea to Sky Highway #99 all weekend long.

car wrap service

Ready to Wrap?

You don’t have to have a supercar or a luxury car to drive in style. Twiisted Media can help you create a vinyl car wrap for your personal or commercial vehicle that reflects your very unique style. From single decals to full car wraps, logos to color changes, you will be amazed at the way a new graphic design can change the look of your vehicle. If you are tired of your car’s old look, we’d love to help you make a fresh statement with a new vinyl wrap.

Stand Out This Summer with Twiisted Media’s Outdoor Displays


Summertime in British Columbia means festivals, events, and farmers’ markets. The region offers a full season of places to go and things to do. With all the different places to see and be seen, we know that our area vendors have plenty of work to keep them busy. We’re here to help. Twiisted Media offers a full array of print and display services. We can help you craft a special single-event display or a full set of media materials that you can rely on to stand out from the crowd all summer long.

Stand Out From the Crowd

If you are planning to participate in an event this summer in Richmond, be sure to check the city’s website for details on permits and planning.  Then, give us a call to get started on your custom display. Our skilled designers and print staff can create displays that will make your booth or tent the go-to location for any event. We can even wrap your car, van, or truck with your branded logo so everyone will know when you’ve arrived on the scene.

Do you sell artisan crafts or farm goods at area farmers’ markets? Here are some examples of Twiisted Media produced tents and displays that are lightweight and easy enough for you to use every weekend, all summer long. A branded tent, flags, and fabric wall will offer your customers much-valued shade and help them find you each week. Let our design team help you create a unique logo that communicates exactly what makes your product special. We’ve recently added more fabric walls printing capabilities to our mix. If you are in the mood to go big, Twiisted Media can print your brand on a giant flag that no one can miss.

Keep the Communication Going

Once we’ve created your image, you can use it on not only your event structures but also for business cards and brochures. A great way to continually keep your brand front of mind with your customers is to print a full summer schedule. We’ll help you create a single page card that lists where you’ll be, and when, all summer long. That way, the next time your customer asks, “I wonder if my favorite vendor will be there?” they’ll have the answer. Use your cards, brochures, and flyers to direct your loyal customers to your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account so they will know just where to find you.

Showcasing You and Your Event

If you are hosting or promoting an event, Twiisted Media can help you prepare a full package. Our print shop can design and produce posters, tickets, maps,  and brochures. Whatever you have planned, we’re your promotion team. Large or small, your business and event are special. Our team knows how important it is to let your customers know when and where to find you. And now, you know where to find us. Let’s work together to make this summer your best event season ever!

Tips to Make Your Commercial Car Wrap Last



Commercial car wraps are a fast and effective way to make a lasting impression for your business whatever its size. To make your vehicle’s impression last as long as possible, provide proper care and maintenance to your car’s wrap. Your custom vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance. Taking good care of your wrap will maximize its useful lifetime. If you are looking for car wraps in Richmond, our professional team can install your wrap and instruct you on how to maintain it properly.

Car wrap service

Care and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

To take care of your wrapped vehicle, clean the exterior regularly. Just like with a painted finish, dirt left on the vehicle will degrade the coating over time so regular cleaning is essential. Inspect your vehicle frequently for particularly damaging grime such as bird droppings or tree sap. 3M advises that you protect your vehicle’s wrap by storing it indoors or under cover to avoid sun and other environmental damage. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Some cleansers contain ingredients that can damage your commercial vehicle wrap’s finish. Don’t use cleansers containing harsh chemicals on your wrap and always rinse your vehicle with lots of water after washing. In particular, don’t expose your car’s wrap to cleansers that are oil based or contain acetones, citrus, thinners, M.E.K., or toluene. Never use brushes or cleansers containing abrasives on your car’s vinyl wrap. Avery Dennison’s Graphics Solutions further recommends that you always spot check any cleanser in an inconspicuous spot before using it on your entire vehicle.

Waxes too can contain harmful ingredients that can cause damage or stains.  Avoid petroleum based waxes, waxes with abrasives, or colored waxes.

Apply a Gentle Touch

You may wash your vehicle using a touch less car wash, by hand, or with a power washer. However, if you do use a power washer you should keep the power and temperature settings low. This article at Sign Digital Graphics offers some great tips for power washing truck fleets. Whatever method of washing you use, care should be taken not to snag the edges or angles of your vehicle's wrap. Any peeling, snag, or tear should be repaired right away. Otherwise, the force of wind pressure will rip the tear even further the next time you drive your vehicle.

Matte and Textured Vehicle Wrap Care

If your vehicle’s commercial wrap is textured or has a matte finish, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Waxes may adhere to a matte or textured finish unevenly and alter its appearance. For a textured wrap, you need to not only avoid waxes and polishes but also cleaning agents that include these ingredients as an additive. Scratches and swirls on a matte finish are difficult to repair or remove, so always use premium microfiber cloths. When selecting a detergent or finishing product, use one made by 3M or other manufacturers designed specifically for the care of matte finishes.

If your vehicle is already wrapped, or you are thinking of joining the trend, these tips will help you get the most from your investment. We look forward to helping you too!

Why use car wraps instead of paint for your car



This has been the big question of late and many people are still up in the air about which way to go. There are many things to take into consideration when you want to change the look of your vehicle.

Leased vehicles – Of course you can’t paint your leased vehicle but there are many advantages to wrapping one:

You can change it to any color or style you may want while you are leasing the vehicle so even if you don’t own the car, you can add your style.

You can protect the vehicle from any stone chips, scratches or abrasions that may occur and cost you money when you trade in the vehicle.

Resale value – Your resale value of your car will be greater with the original paint on your car. You can also protect your car from sun damage if you live in an area where that can be a problem. There is nothing more impressive to a perspective buyer if they see your car paint job looking spotless because you had protected it with a car wrap while you owned it.

Cost – If you are considering changing the color of your car, a professional paint job can cost anywhere from $7,000+ to get a professional quality job. You can get a vinyl wrap on your car professionally for anywhere from $2000+! What a great savings and you can choose whatever color and style you wish.

Installation time – If you get a professional paint job, you may have to find alternate transportation for up to two weeks while they paint your car but if you get professional car wraps, all you need is about 2-5 days and you will have your car back.

Countless options – Vinyl wraps can come in so many different designs that you can make your car unique and you can be driving around in a one-of-a-kind vehicle that no one else will have. You can show off your originality and style with the wrap of your choice. Another great option with a wrap is that you can change your style any time you wish. You can change your color or style every year if you want! Many times, it’s very hard to tell the difference between a wrapped car and a painted car.

Easy maintenance – With a car that is wrapped there is never a need for any waxing at all. The least you may have to do is use some soap and water with a microfiber rag and keep your car spotless!

It seems like the easy decision would be to use the countless varieties of wraps they have available for cars that will allow you to bring out your style and protect your vehicle at the same time. Vancouver car wraps is a great place to help you bring out your style and protect your investment for the future.

Spotlight your Special Event with Custom Wall Graphics



Everyone’s seen them, those walls behind the stars at every red carpet event. With every step the rich and famous take, photographers capture their images and the image behind them featuring a sponsor’s logo. The step and repeat wall gets its name from its original use as a backdrop for photo ops at Hollywood events like the Oscars. As stars walked past photographers, each one would pause for a photo shoot. The star would “step” to just the right place, a photo would be taken, and then the next star in line would be asked to “repeat” the process. Step and repeat walls are usually printed with a repeating image of sponsors’ logos. An event with multiple sponsors might include several logos. Charities sometimes use wall graphics for their events as a way of recognizing contributors.

But the famous aren’t the only ones worthy of a great photo opportunity. These step and repeat walls or banners are now staples at events around the world. From charity golf scrambles to summer concerts, event planners everywhere are including step and repeat walls in their decor. You can turn your event into a VIP experience for guests, and give them the star treatment, with your own custom printed wall graphics.

Defines the Event and the Event Space

Custom-printed walls allow you to control your event’s space and appearance.

Using the media wall printing technology, your custom wall graphics print can be printed onto removable vinyl and installed directly onto the walls at an event site, or vinyl or fabric walls printing can be created and mounted onto portable frames.

Not only do these graphic walls provide a custom visual backdrop for your event, but they can also serve to define and divide your event space. Just as the step and repeat walls in Hollywood guide stars down the red carpet, so you can guide your guests into your next event. Custom printed fabric walls can divide a space or hide an unattractive feature in a rented event space. For outdoor or combination indoor and outdoor events, step and repeat walls can help contain crowds and keep your brand on display.

Set the Stage for Selfies

Do you remember the photo backdrops from your high school dances? They might have been pre-printed on cardboard or painted by the art students and were usually designed to match the dance’s theme. Or maybe you’ve seen them in old photos of kids with Santa with the fake snow and workshop in the background. Well, media walls have come a long way since then! Now you can choose your graphics and have them custom printed. Your style and design can be temporarily applied to the walls of your event location or printed on portable fabric or vinyl. Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind image for their personal photo ops. Using custom media wall printing, wedding guests can pose with the happy couple and charitable events can leverage the power of selfies to get the word out. Large or small, you can share your brand or your idea with your guests and their social media followers.

Our style and design can be temporarily applied to the walls of your event location or printed on portable fabric or vinyl.

Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind image for their personal photo ops. Using custom media wall printing, wedding guests can pose with the happy couple and charitable events can leverage the power of selfies to get the word out.

Large or small, you can share your brand or your idea with your guests and their social media followers.

So whether you’re planning a wedding party, a charity race, an awards ceremony or just a fun family get together, give your guests the star treatment with custom printed graphics from Twiisted Media!

Catch Your Busy Customers’ Attention with a Custom Car Wrap


Do you know where your customers are right now? Do your customers know how to find you? More and more, customers are making their purchase decisions while they are out and about. If you had a customized car wrap for your business, your advertising message could be there with them.

Staying Front of Mind with Consumers on the Move

An increasing number of purchasing decisions are made by consumers who are away from home. As consumers live and shop more in the moment, marketers need fresh ways to reach them. Purchasers today consult their smartphones  to locate nearby retailers and compare products while in store. To be front of mind with these consumers, you need to have an online presence, and you need to be front and center when they are away from home.

Custom livery wraps for your company’s fleet are an incredibly effective way to carry your message to customers throughout the day. Purchasing billboard space along a busy thoroughfare is costly. Having a logo-wrapped business fleet will successfully put your vehicles to work, even when they are stuck in traffic.

car wrap

Picture of Fedex Express vehicle.  Source:

Use Out-of-Home Advertising to Catch Your Customers’ Attention

Along with digital advertising, out-of-home (OOH) advertising it taking up a bigger piece of marketing budgets each year. If you were not convinced that outdoor advertising was important to your business’ marketing strategy before the recent Pokémon Go craze, you should be convinced now. Retailers who were fortunate enough to be near a popular Poke Stop were able to cash in on a steady stream of new customers. Other marketers are finding their own way to catch on to the craze.

Now is the time to be proactive with your marketing. Rather than waiting for your increasingly mobile customers to find you, find and reach them with custom graphics for your commercial vehicle.

Poke Stops aren’t the only thing that brings people together. Festivals, football matches, parades, and conventions are all places where your customers are gathered. With a vinyl car wrap promoting your business, you can reach these customers by bringing your advertising to them. Just find a nearby parking space and put your vehicle to work.

Car Wraps Provide Advertising Flexibility for Your Fleet

The team at Twiisted Media can help you to create a custom commercial vehicle wrap  displaying your logo and contact information, making it easy for your customer to connect with you while they are on the go. A complete wrap for your fleet vehicles will preserve their original paint and communicate your brand to every passerby.  With a partial wrap, you can brand each of your company vehicles with your logo. A partial wrap is also a great way to advertise a short-term promotion or seasonal event.  When you are ready for a change, your car’s wrap can be easily removed and replaced.

Stay Nimble

Today’s marketers know that to be effective, you have to stay nimble. A billboard advertisement may only reach customers once a day. When you wrap your car, you have a movable billboard that can reach customers throughout the day.

This month, every business wanted to be where the Pokémon were found. Next month, where will your customers be? Wherever they are, you can be there too with a custom commercial vehicle wrap for your business fleet.