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A Simple Guide to Windshield Replacement


Windshields play a critical role in vehicles, but most drivers do not know this. They serve as a structural shield and support for vehicle roofs. In addition, windshields protect the driver and passengers from harsh weather elements such as wind. Because of the critical role of the windscreen, it is sturdy and well constructed. If fact, many manufacturers will offer a warranty for the windscreen. However, no matter how strong and durable windshields are, they are not immune to cracks and breakages. That’s why you may need a windshield replacement or a windhsield repair

What causes windscreen cracks and breaking?

While windscreens are strong and durable, they can crack and break for several reasons. Besides car accidents, which is an obvious cause, the windshield can crack due to change in temperature, improper installation, poor quality, direct sunlight, debris attack, pressure changes, hail, etc. But no matter the cause, you need to replace the windscreen for your safety and the aesthetics of your vehicle. This is where we come in for professional windshield replacement Toronto. We will help you replace your windscreen within the shortest time at an affordable cost.

How to know you need windscreen replacement?

If you have a small crack or chipping in your windscreen, you may think it does not warrant a replacement. However, a small crack can quickly turn into a big problem. Besides, cracks and chips on your windscreen can cause glare, which can impede your vision, depending on location. In addition to this, Toronto authorities require windscreen that is free of cracks and blemishes.

In some cases, minor windscreen damage such as scratches and chips can be repaired using glass polishing techniques. A professional glass expert will easily do this. You cannot handle such repairs on your own, and this is where we come in for professional windshield repair services. We have the right experts, and we will assess the damage on your windscreen to determine whether you need a repair or replacement.

In most cases, the size and location of the screen damage will determine whether you need a repair or replacement. Most professional auto glass repair shops can stop damages for chips and cracks up to three inches in size. Some repair shops can handle and stop larger blemishes, but most experts will recommend a windshield replacement. With replacement, you will have peace of mind knowing that your windscreen is safe.

Windscreen damages that occur on the side of the glass can spread quickly. If you notice a crack or chip that increases in width or length, you should consider glass replacement. Also, if the damage is in your field of vision, then there is no need to compromise your vision, you surely need a replacement as soon as possible. This is because a repair in your vision field may leave distortion, which will affect your visibility, and this is dangerous. The best thing when you notice some damages on your windscreen is to contact an auto glass repair shop soonest. When you need glass services, look no further because we offer the best windshield replacement and repair services at an affordable price. Visit our shop for professional glass services, and you will drive away a happy customer.

Will my insurance cover windshield replacement?

Most insurance companies offer coverage for windshield replacement. However, the cost associated with windscreen replacement causes every provider to handle claims differently. Windscreen repair costs less than replacement – mostly by up to four or ten times the cost of replacement. As a result, your insurance provider may work with you by waiving your deductibles and covering the cost of windshield repair fully.

Windscreen replacement works differently. Many insurance providers will need you to pay for your deductible, and then they will cover the remaining cost. But the cost of windshield varies depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Also, the cost will vary depending on the repair shop you visit. For example, if you visit your local dealership, they charge more than if you visit an auto windscreen replacement and repair shop. You need to know all these before contacting your insurance provider with a claim.

Choosing the best auto glass company

When you have broken or cracked windscreen, ensure that you visit the best auto glass shop soonest. However, finding the best auto glass shop is not a walk in the park. The many repair shops available will brand themselves as the best, which is not always the case. For a start, you need to look for an auto glass shop with lots of industry experience. Look for a glass repair and replacement in Toronto that has been in existence for at least 5years. This way, you can be sure they have the experience and trained professionals.

Besides experience, you need to consider their reputation as well. If a company has a bad reputation, the chances are that you will not enjoy its services. Look for a company with a good reputation both online and locally. You can read testimonials, reviews, or talk to local people to know more about a glass company you intend to visit. With our good reputation in the business, you can trust us for all your glass repair and windshield replacement Toronto. Our reputation speaks for itself. All our past clients are happy with our services, and so you can trust us. We offer a guarantee of quality, and so you need not worry about the quality of our services.

In addition to experience and reputation, you should as well consider the cost. Auto glass work is not cheap. Therefore, focus on finding a company that will offer you unbeatable prices while observing quality standards. This is where we come in. We offer low cost auto glass services and accompany that with a warranty. With our quality auto glass services, you need not worry about spending too much. Visit us, and we will offer you an irresistible deal.

Why hire us?

We are a leading auto glass repair shop in Toronto. We have many years of experience and a good reputation in the market. Our services are affordable and warranted. What’s more, is that you can get a free quote online for purposes of price comparison. Give us a call today and let us restore or replace your windscreen.

Will my Car Insurance Increase the price for the New Windshield


This is an increasingly common question posed by car owners that need to replace their windshield. Windshield replacement, or repair for that matter, is by no means cheap. Modern windshields that are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS can easily cost up to $1000.

Although auto insurance can seem like a lifesaver, a lot of car owners wonder whether the price of the new windshield will be affected by getting the insurance to cover it.

This post is for you if you are one of these car owners facing the dilemma of windshield replacement price versus insurance coverage. 

✅ Does claiming your auto insurance increase the rate of windshield replacement? 

Whether or not insurance claims affect your windshield replacement rates will depend on the type of auto insurance you have. There are three common types of auto insurance that most companies offer. These are:

#1: Liability insurance – This insurance covers all types of damage that you may cause to other people, their car, and their property. It includes accident benefits for you as well as the other party. 
Liability insurance is also called personal liability, third-party liability, or property damage coverage. The amount of coverage differs significantly from one province to the other. It can range from $200,000 to 2 million in some areas. 
#2: Collision insurance – This insurance typically covers the repair cost to your vehicle in case of collision due to your fault. 
#3: Comprehensive insurance – This insurance covers everything that is not included in the collision insurance. It includes anything from vandalism, theft, damage by animals, flying objects, or elements such as hail in many provinces. 

Comprehensive insurance is the type of insurance that you want in order for it to cover your windshield replacement without paying extra. 
·         There is another type of insurance that is offered by some companies. It is called the all-perils coverage and is a combination of both collision and comprehensive insurance. 
·         Some companies also have specific-perils coverage. As the name suggests, it covers damage caused by specific things such as lightning, fire, or theft. Specific- perils coverage is typically much cheaper than all-perils.

✅ So claiming auto insurance will not increase the windshield repair rates?

Yes, but only if the comprehensive coverage clearly states that glass damage is covered. This type of auto insurance will not increase the rate of your insurance premiums or make the cost of the windshield a lot pricier. 
However, there is a catch.

Although comprehensive insurance covers anything that is not included in collision insurance, there are still some areas that need special attention. 
#1 One, you might be required to pay the full cost of the comprehensive deductible.
With some insurance companies, you don’t have to pay the deductible if you choose to repair the rock chips instead of replacing the windshield. However, this is typically covered in a different policy, so you need to check first. 
#2 Two, insurance companies in some provinces where natural calamities are common typically remove the windshield replacement from the comprehensive insurance.
For instance, in Alberta, where there is an abundance of gravel and hail cases, insurance companies do not cover the windshield replacement in exchange for a break in the rate of the overall insurance.
#3 Three, an increasing number of insurance companies are also promoting special endorsements with auto insurance without covering the windshield replacement. So although the insurance might state that it is comprehensive, it might not cover the cost of windshield replacement.
#4 Four, most insurance policies typically come with limits on the number of claims that you can make. If you cross that limit, your insurance company will usually raise the deductible or refuse to pay for windshield claims completely. 

Final thoughts.

Replacing a windshield has become an increasingly expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore it is never a good idea to rush through the process of getting auto insurance. Although your insurance company will pay the required amount, the components that are covered will decide whether you end up paying extra dollars for a new windshield or not. 

Take your time to understand the terms of the insurance policy. The best insurance that you can buy for your car is comprehensive insurance that covers glass damage.