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Solid Eavestrough Is Now Open For Eavestrough & Gutter Cleaning Installation Replacement in Toronto City & the GTA.


Solid Eavestrough is now saving homeowners thousands of dollars by offering different services from gutter cleaning, eavestrough repair and cleaning, downspout installation, ivy removal, and so much more.

Solid Eavestrough, a reputable company offering eavestrough and gutter cleaning, repair and installation services in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area is now ready to welcome the new season. Owning a home is a pleasure for every person. However, the never-ending list of chores could be daunting. Homeowners everywhere spend thousands of dollars safeguarding their investment with lots of maintenance calls annually. Keeping their eavestrough clean is a top priority on the list of dangerous and most expensive. Solid Eavestrough is ready to handle any repair and installation their customers might need.

Solid Eavestrough takes pride in each project they take on, whether it’s as basic as Eavestrough or Gutter Cleaning or the customers’ eavestrough is leaking, overflowing, or clogged. The company specializes in eavestrough inspection and completes eavestrough repairs from the re-securing trough, which is realigning and falling off eavestrough, which has water overflowing over the top. When all else fails, and the customer’s eavestrough isn’t fixable, Solid Eavestrough installs a new eavestrough.

The Toronto city has been proscribed downspouts from entering into the city sewer system to lower flooding risks. Solid Eavestrough specializes in rerouting the downspouts to meet the city’s requirements. One excellent solution they offer to their customers to safeguard their home is with Gutter Guard, getting rid of the requirement of cleaning the eavestrough forever. It eliminates water that, in turn, prevents pest infestation such as mosquitos.
“Like any other residential problem, once it begins, it only gets worse,” said Yaron Sombul, owner of Solid Eavestrough. “We encourage residents in Toronto and GTA to give us a call, and we will perform a free inspection of their eavestrough and come up along with a perfect solution for their specific situation.”

Just recently, the company earned The Best of 2019 Award from HomeStar with a 98% total score. Aside from that, the company also boasts their 5 Star Rating on Google, Yelp and Houzz, making them the most preferable gutter and eavestrough service provider within the Toronto area.

Residents who are experiencing leaking, overflowing, dripping, leaky, damaged, clogged, rotting or broken eavestrough or gutter can call Solid Eavestrough as they are also specializing in emergency repairs.
About Solid Eavestrough

Solid Eavestrough is a company in Toronto, Ontario offering reliable gutter, eavestrough, downspout and extension cleaning, repairs and installation services. For more than 15 years, the company is performing compete downspout flush when required.

To learn more about Solid Eavestrough, call Yaron Sombul at (647) 717-1127 or send him an email at Visit their website at to know more about their services.

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