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Why use SARMS


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be quite challenging. Even after rigorous workout routine, getting into the ideal shape can seem like a far-fetched dream. This is especially true for those who don’t have the patience to wait for the effects of exercising to take place, slowly.

For such people, a great way to gain muscle mass while ensuring fat loss is by using SARMs supplements.

What is SARMS?

SARMS, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are supplements that tend to have the same effect on muscles that steroid and pro-hormones do. However, while the latter is known to have side effects, SARMS doesn’t. This is because of the selective nature of its function. The supplements work by either triggering or inhibiting the role of a given receptor in the body. So, people use SARMS to initiate a positive response in the body or decrease the onset of adverse effects.

It has been widely observed that SARMS can be used to boost muscle mass and bone mass without causing any increase in fat or estrogen. Many refer to SARMS as being non-steroidal drugs that trigger androgen receptors present in the muscles and the bones. However, unlike steroids, the supplements have little to no effect on other cells of the body, or on the endocrine system.

How do SARMS work to ensure this function? There are two significant ways that SARM supplements deliver the required effect. This includes the following:

  • Different types of SARMs have specific affinity for a given type of muscles or bone tissue. For instance, they may work on prostate cells but not on others.
  • Unlike DHT and estrogen that break down into molecules, SARMS stay intact.

Why choose SARMS?

One of the biggest reason to choose SARMS is that it is a better alternative to steroids.

The second function of SARMS is one of the biggest differentiator of the drug compared to steroids. The fact that it is not reduced to 5-a-reductase (an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT) allows it to avoid a plethora of side effects associated with steroids.

Additionally, SARMs have also been found to be resistant to the activities of aromatase. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. Furthermore, since these supplements are not as powerful as steroids, they don’t suppress the production of testosterone as profoundly as steroids. Therefore, recovering from the effects of SARMs is also easier. Apart from this, there are various benefits associated with the use of SARMs that makes them an ideal choice for bodybuilders as well as non-bodybuilders people.

Why use SARMS? The benefits

For those wondering why they should use SARMS, here are the key benefits associated with taking the supplement.

Enhanced muscular strength

SARMs is known to increase muscular strength and endurance. A research was conducted to gauge the effect of SARMs on muscles. It was found that people who were given the supplements experienced 20 times better increase in their strength and endurance compared to the controlled group. This showcases the positive correlation SARMs have with muscular strength. Therefore, for anyone looking to build lean body mass, SARMs is considered to be a great supplement to take when bulking and cutting.

No Effect on any other tissues

As mentioned earlier, steroids, despite their benefits, are known to have various side effects on the body. SARMs, on the other hand, is able to deliver almost the same advantages. However, at the same time, due to its selection function, it does not cause any changes in nearby tissues, thereby reducing the onset of side-effects. The Oxford Academic Journal of Endocrinology found that SARMS meant for skeletal muscle protein only affects the DNA of the said tissue. All other tissues, regardless of how close they are to the target tissue, showcased no effect of the supplement.

Treating cancer

Conclusive evidence is yet to be found for this benefit. However, as per the research conducted, the fact that SARMS do not get converted into estrogen inhibits the development of tumor cells in the body. In fact, using SARMs helped reduce the weight of the tumor by 90 percent in a study done in 2014.

No muscle mass loss

During the cutting stage of the workout, one of the biggest concerns of bodybuilders is that muscle mass tends to get lost. Until now, it has been believed that you can have one or the other-i.e. lean body mass or fat loss. SARMs has managed to defy this trend by delivering a muscular physique via fat loss while retaining muscle mass.

Speedy recovery

Another issue faced by bodybuilders and gym goers is injuries and muscle tears. Muscles tend to get pulled during exercise and injuries can happen. Usually, it takes a long time for the body to recover once this happens entirely. With the help of SARMs, the speed of recovery is enhanced. This, in turn, ensures that exercise goals and objective are met without any hiccups.

Treatment of osteoporosis

SARMs help in the process of the bone formation while causing a decrease in bone turnover. This is why it is said to be an excellent treatment for osteoporosis. This ailment occurs when bones break down at a faster rate than new ones being formed. SARMS helps in increasing the speed of the bone formation while inhibiting the process of bone breakdown. Hence, it helps in strengthening bones and reducing fractures.


Use SARMs to realize the various benefits associated with it. You don’t necessarily have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from the product. Instead, everyone has something to gain from using SARMs.

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