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Active vs. Passive Candidates Who Should You Hire Next

23 juillet 2018

Finding the best possible candidates to fill open positions within your company really comes down to the types of recruitment strategies you put into practice. Whether you’re seeking out active or passive candidates, there are certainly benefits and pitfalls of both recruitment methods. Keep reading to learn about the difference between the two and how you can determine which one is the most effective strategy for your company:

Overcoming Insurance Recruitment Challenges

23 juillet 2018

Currently, the insurance and asset management industry is experiencing a major change due to a series of factors, primarily an aging workforce that’s eagerly gearing up for retirement and a new wave of Millennial workers, ready to enter the job force. The most pressing question currently facing this ever-expanding industry is what steps need to be taken to ensure the right talent apply for the abundance of positions that are about to become available? 

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