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Super Visa insurance

il y a 3 mois

Super Visa Insurance

Super visa is the most popular way to unite with your parents and grand parents. It is a 10 year multi entry visa a your loved ones can stay for 2 years in one stretch.

The super visa has among the other requirements, to purchase visitors insurance or also known as Super visa insurance for an amount of at least $100,000 valid for a minimum of 365 days. We deal with many well know insurance providers.

We can help by comparing the rates and policy coverage offered by these company which will make it easy for you to choose wisely. We also have monthly plan options to purchase Super visa insurance.

We are just a phone call away at 647-222-1122 or you can meet us in our office.

You can also visit https://www.netquoter.ca to gain more information about the requirements and family income needed to sponsor your family here on Super Visa Insurance.