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Maintain the Freshness of Coffee Beans by our Coffee Bags with Valve

20 mars 2020

Coffee Bags with Valve

Pouch Makers Canada is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Coffee Bags and Coffee Pouches with One-Way Coffee Valves.

Our coffee bags are 100 % compostable and recyclable. We offer high quality of coffee packaging in-stock and custom printing with a variety of styles. Coffee bags one-way degassing valve are suitable for packing roasted coffee beans. One-way degassing valves unleash the pressure of trapped air and gas whereas preventing outside air from coming into the bag.

We offer different types of options for coffee packaging bags like:

  • Stand up pouches with zipper valve
  • Side gusset bags with valve
  • Flat bottom pouches with valve
  • Clear stand up pouches with valve
  • Flat bottom zipper pouches with valve
  • Oxo-biodegradable pouches with valve
  • Custom printed coffee packaging

Stand Up Pouches with Zipper and Valve:

The Most Successful Stand-Up Pouches With Zipper And Valve Companies In Canada. The stand-up pouches with zippers provide excellent barrier properties against water vapour and oxygen, making them the preferred packaging option for a wide range of Industries where product freshness and shelf life are a priority. stand up pouches with zipper and valve have long been used as a wonderful replacement for ancient bag-in-box packaging.

We offer to stand up pouches with some extra accessories such as :

  • Resealable Zipper
  • Tear Notch,
  • One Way Valve
  • Transparent Window, etc…

Stand up pouches it’s the best way to display your product. Our stand-up pouches are available in different types of colors like red, blue, green, shiny silver, matt gold, matt white, and many more. Pouch makers Canada Inc. offer various unique and innovative styles of Stand up pouches

  • Foil Stand up pouches with valve
  • Foil clear stand up pouches with valve
  • Kraft paper stand up pouches with valve
  • Stand up pouches with oval window
  • Stand up pouches with the full rectangle window
  • Compostable stand up pouches with valve

Flat Bottom Pouches with Valve

Flat bottom pouches are new style packaging which has a combination of stand up pouch and side gusset. This pouch looks like a brick after the product is filled. The style of the pouch still looks unique and still has that tea and coffee packaging touch. These bags are the most expensive compared with stand up pouches and side gusset pouches.

Flat bottom pouches are manufactured by utilizing premium grade materials and latest technology, which provide more stability on shelves and they have high resistance to pressure, moisture, and decreasing package ruptures.

Oxo-biodegradable pouches with valve

Pouch Makers Canada Inc. manufactures oxo-degradable bags with the use of premium quality raw materials. Our these pouches are 100% environmentally friendly. these Eco-Friendly Pouches ideal to packaging Organic foods, Snack food, Pharmaceutical products, coffee, rice, etc. If you want to buy customized Oxo-degradable bags, so we use advanced rotogravure printing systems with up to 9 colors and we are very few manufacturers in Canada who use this technology.

Side Gusset Coffee Bags with Valve

Side gusset bags with valve it's one of the important packaging bags in the coffee industry. Side gusset bags with the valve it's one of the best ways to pack roasted coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans generate gas inside the bag thus the one-way degassing valve helps release the excess gas from the bag. we offer side gusset bags with various size like: 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 2kg, & 3kg.

Shaped Pouches

Pouch Makers Canada manufacturer in various shaped as per customers needs. shaped pouches most popular pouches for promote your product and brand.