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21 mars 2020

The entertainment and special event industries have been significantly impacted. So many of us here at Omega Design Events are fellow entertainers—DJs and MCs, band members, and event planners—who share in your uncertainty during this crisis.


Why Hire a Wedding Consultant Coordinator

21 mars 2020

After he pops the question and she replies yes, the Wedding Planning Process begins. A common question hesitantly asked by the Bride-to-Be is “Why Should I Hire a Consultant/Coordinator?” and “Is It Really Necessary?”  A resounding “yes it is necessary if you want to enjoy your day.” This question never surfaces with a Bride or Mother-of-the Bride who have experienced wedding planning first-hand before. After one sees all of the different aspects that must be handled and the stress that arises, they realize that they actually want to enjoy the experience of the ‘big day’ and not worry about every detail. Keep in mind most weddings take up to 250 hours to plan and orchestrate.

Every wedding regardless of budget should hire a wedding planner - even if it is only for consulting along the way to keep you on track and for the day of your wedding. A coordinator works for YOU, not your venue whether it is a hotel, park, country club, banquet hall, or beach. They have your best interest in mind and see to it that your requests are adhered to and are exactly what you envision. You need to have someone responsible taking care of all the details. They are your guide, your backbone, and your savior throughout your ‘big day.’

Professional Wedding Consultants relieve the stress and anxiety that wedding planning always seems to create. They function in many roles that include Party Planner, Stage Manager, Financial Advisor, Vendor Broker, and Therapist. Keep in mind they have experience and can advise you not only with ideas but what does or does not work based on their past events. A professional knows it is your dream and implements your vision. Professionals are a wonderful source of ideas in every step along the way. They do all the leg work and administrative details that need to be accomplished. They devise a blueprint that guides you through the Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Reception Site Selection, assist with Invitation and Stationery Etiquette, Menu, Attire, Select Vendors (Florist and Décor, Entertainment, Photographer, Videographer, Baker, Officiant, Stationer, and Transportation), Review Contracts, make Follow-up Phone Calls, Schedule Appointments, and create a Timeline of ‘Things to Do.’

Consultants and Coordinators have different pricing policies. Many will charge a fixed fee based on the different packages they offer, some charge on an hourly fee basis, while others charge a percentage of expenditures anywhere from 15-20 percent. It is customary for consultants/coordinators to have a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Once you find someone you connect with, it is well worth the money spent. Depending on your needs, you can probably save with their discounts from vendors by using a coordinator. These savings often cover the expense of hiring someone.

I suggest meeting with at least two before making a final decision. You must have a comfort level since you will be working closely with this person so it is imperative you have a great working relationship. They are your creative partner as well as the logistical supervisor.