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New Chapter in Web Design Vancouver


As the leading web design company in Vancouver, My cheap web design is pleased to offer you affordable and quality web design  and digital marketing services.  We have created five main business packages to serve you in developing your business website with all modern extra features and technologies.

One Page Website

The main business focus of this web design package is to create the brand identity on internet. Building brand awareness via a website is essential to run an effective business these days. One page or single page website will  be a clean mobile responsive web design package which will be able to enter the local market by enhancing customer relations.  All your contact details and the service details will be layout nicely in order to catch the attention of your potential customers. One page web site package comes with a free domain name which could be a .ca or .com domain. We also provide free hosting facility under our one page web design package and free domain based email address which we offer under our one page website package will create the brand reputation for your business.

Affordable Website  Design

This is our next web design package. My Cheap web design company has created this package to match the requirements of small business starter. We offer up to 7 pages with this package and all the pages will be responsive to mobile devices. Like in the one page web design package, we offer free domain name, free email address and free hosting with this affordable web design package as well. To increase the banding ability and conversion rates, we offer onsite SEO with our affordable website design package. This will imenseley help our customers to market their contents and deliver the message to the customers.

Advance Business Website

My cheap web design Vancouver is happy to offer all our small and medium business holders their advance business website package at a very affordable price. This package covers everything you need in running a professional business website with a blog. Like in the other packages, We offer free domain names, free hosting and free email address in our advance business website package as well. To enhance the social media search ability and customer relations, we ourselves create all the required social media for you. Other analytics and reports such as Google analytics, Google search console analytic will be provided under this package. Onsite search engine optimisation is also provided in a way that would match the requirements of conversion optimisation.  To check out the other features we offer under our advance business website package please visit our website or give us a call.

Affordable eCommerce Websites

This is the most popular package among our customers. This package covers everything you need to run an ecommerce business online. We provide free domain names, free hosting and free email addresses under our eCommerce website design package as well.  Site security and support are the two main important aspects of an eCommerce website.  We provide secure payment gateway for all of the ecommerce websites that we design under this package. Free onsite SEO campaign is also carried out to increase the conversion rate of the ecommerce websites that we designed. Unlimited pages will allow customers to have unlimited products. All of these features we provide are affordable and very reliable.  


How to Select a Best Web Design Company Vancouver

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There are hundreds of web design companies in Vancouver. If you are looking to design or develop a website, surely you will look for the best web design agency. But the question is which one is the best? And how do you know that is the best website builder? So, we are going to give you some tips which will help you to find the best Vancouver web design company.

Vancouver Web Design Company

1. A Quality Company Website 

In our personal opinion, we think a web design company should have a killer website. It is not just the look, it should explain all of their web design services with descriptive content and more importantly it should have a website design portfolio which people can look at their previous web design projects. And the website of a web design agency should be a true example of their quality work. On the other hand, their own website is a one way of showing their skills and web design knowledge. A clean responsive design with a fast website loading time is an attractive method of showcasing the quality of work for any web design company.

2. A Positive Google or Other Customer Reviews

Since we always look for reviews when we go to buy something, you should check reviews for a web design agency too. Do not just look at it; you need to read their customer reviews. Some of the web design companies only have few while others have so many. A large number of Google reviews indicate that they have designed many websites.  But, make sure that they have a good score. This is another way of indentifying a best Vancouver web design company.

3. A Good First Impression and a Good Presentation

This can be little tricky. So, when you contact a web design agent, you need to study their behaviour and how they treat you as their customer. If it is a good web design company, they will provide free consultation for web designing. And they should explain their web design procedure and more information which you should know prior to designing your website. A good explanation will attract customers and can gain the trust from their customers. Therefore, make sure to carefully analyze their conversation then you can decide whether they are a best web design company or not.

4. A Quality Web Design Portfolio   

A web design company should have a web design portfolio with their previous web design projects. A web design portfolio shows the quality of the web design and the web design and development knowledge of their web designers. Therefore, a portfolio with quality websites and variations of the web design layouts can be a factor to decide the quality of the website builder.

5. A Good Customer Relationship

A good customer relationship is a key of a best web design company. Both parties need to be communicated each other during a web design process in order to create an outstanding website. A reliable web design company will always follow up with calls and share the progress of their design. They will never let their customers down. A good website builder will always try as hard as possible to stick to the plan.

6. Should be a Good Listener  

As a web design agent, they should have the patience to listen to their customers. Then only web designers will be able to understand what the requirements of the customers are. Good web design agent must listen to their customers and understand the web design specification before jump to the conclusion.

7. Well Organized

If a web design company is a well organized, then they should gather all the information which they need to design and develop your web design project at the beginning. In order to do that the web design agency should have to be organized on their web designing steps. Most of the well organized web design companies finish their web design project within the given time frame. On the other hand, they can be considered as trust worthy companies. A web design agency should be well organized and trust worthy. Then their customers can keep the faith in their web designers assuming that they are going to design a nice looking website for their company. If a website builder keep putting off their work and does not work to a plan, we believe, it is not a good practice at all.

Apart from above main key points, there are many more factors that you can use to find a best web design company in Vancouver. For example, the company reputation,years of service and more. In our personal experience, the years of web design service does not really count since a start up company can be hundred times better among the experienced old web design companies. But, the company reputation can be considered as a factor to be nominated as a best web design company.