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Why YOU need a website – Web development surrey

il y a 10 mois

#1 – Credibility – Web development Surrey

Your business or your passion automatically seems 10x more credible when you can back it up with a professional website. Credibility is important for every business as it leads to more customers. Furthermore it make you seem more legitimate and serious, which again is very important.

#2 – Constant Contact with Customers

Secondly, your business might have opening and closing hours, your website does not. This is great news, potential customers can easily find information about you or your business even if you can’t interact with them directly. Your customer no longer have to wait for certain hours in a day.

#3 – No Restrictions

Thirdly, you can express yourself through your website, show people who have interest in your business or modelling/arts portfolio, through your creativity and intuitive design. We only build websites that you and we are both proud of and if your website just blends in with the rest, what’s the point? That’s why it’s always our goal to make you and business stand out.

#4 – Time Saver – web design Surrey

Lets face it, running a business or pursuing your passion can be time consuming and you’re not always there for new customers. This is when your website comes in, direct them straight to it and with an intuitive design they will be able to figure out whatever they need to with ease.

#5 – Wider Reach/More Customers

Just because our website name is Lower Mainland Websites and we often say ” Web development Surrey ” that doesn’t mean we’re limited to serving customers in this area. This is the same for you, especially if you do deliveries or have a online business. Also if you don’t have either of those things, it’s still a great source for new customers all over the world to find out more about your business.

#6 – Saves you money in marketing – web development Surrey

Although there are cost associated with the making and running of a website. These costs usually pale in comparison to running an ad in the newspaper or your local radio station. And at the end of the day those two will never reach the worldwide potential of a website. Furthermore we provide the lowest rates as we know how hard it can be starting a business or fueling your passion, after all we were in this situation at one point as well.