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What to Note When Planning For A Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom renovation is something that can generate several benefits to your building. It is a process that can raise the value of your home.
Also, bathroom renovation enhances the functionality of the room by giving it a new look. But this upgrade plan can experience delays because of the needed energy and time.
Right planning is the right path to follow! But how can you make this a reality? Let's find out!

What Is The Project's Scope?
The scope of the project is the first thing you need to figure out. Do you have plans to do a complete remodel, or you want to put in place a new sink or tub? You need to note the main area to change when translating your old bathroom into a new one.
Also, you need to note the key features that your new bathroom needs to have. These features can be a brand new standing shower or a double sink. By doing this, you'll be able to tell the time you'll take to work on the project.

Inspiration And Ideas
Getting inspired is the next after identifying all your must-haves. Here, you need to get advice from the nearby local home improvement store, talk to your friends, or go online.
With this step, you'll get to know the right paint designs, fixtures, or tile to select. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to find all the modern bathroom features that you don't know. An excellent example of these features is the heated floors.

Keep a Note Of The Details
Don't focus only on the project's huge pieces. Also, create some time for the smaller stuff like storage space and light switches. Other essential things to consider include towel bars and light outlets.
The smaller stuff is a crucial piece of the entire bathroom. So, don't consider these things as little details. Don't build a bath that doesn't feature a place for plugging in your hairdryer. The minute details are the things that could make or break the bank.

It Is Time To Start
Now it is the right time to put all the ideas into practice. Go for the fixtures and tiles that give a good reflection of the ideas you have in your mind.
Also, ensure that you go only for the piece that fits into your fixed budget. Now proceed to the bathroom renovation step after purchasing all the parts.
Don't forget to contact GTA Bathroom Renovations to work on your project if you're ready to start. 


Money-Saving Bathroom Renovation Tips


Reuse & Recycle

​It is crucial to look closely at your current bathroom suite if you have plans for bathroom renovation. Check if you can re-use it or if it is 100% ruined. If the ceramics have an excellent look, consider giving them a scrub and then replace the worn-out fittings. Replace them with shiny mixers, traps, and new taps so that they can get a facelift.
Also, some parts of your bathroom suite can be badly stained, cracked, or chipped. If it needs replacement, consider changing the sink and keeping the other suite in place. Other than this, update the bath with new fixtures and taps, so it can match with your new basin.
Consider going a three-piece inexpensive bathroom suite if you're after saving more money. It is an economical option compared to buying the bath, basin, and toilet separately.

Call A Friend
Ask colleagues, family members, and friends if they have any DIY item going spare that you can use.
For example, a friend can have some tins of paint that you can use to cover your cloakroom's walls. Also, they can give you packets of leftover wood or screws that you can use for your bathroom renovation.
Friends can always help with DIY tasks. Also, you'll realize that some of them may have worked as plumbers if you keep asking around for help. A close family member can be a trained electrician, and they will be more than ready to complete the task.

Shop Around
Do research before purchasing the required products. By doing this, you'll end up getting the required products at much lower rates. Also, this is vital if you want to get quality products and services.
Buying from the specialist bathroom web retailers is the right option if you want to save money. Also, this is the right choice since they will deliver the required products to your home.

Make Smart Choices
Renovate your bathroom with resale in your mind if you plan to stay in that house for the next five years.
Renovate the bathroom for yourself if you have plans of staying that building for so long. By doing this, your bathroom will still look new by the time you'll want to resale the home.

Also, hiring GTA Bathroom Renovations to work on your project is another smart choice to make. We know how to renovate your bathroom as per your needs and on time. 

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