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E-waste Facts

il y a 3 mois

E-waste has become one of the most challenging streams of waste due to the quantity and toxicity of the products. E-waste products such as computers and mobile devices contain substances like mercury, lithium, cadmium, brominated flame retardants, PVC plastics and phosphorus coating; all of which can be hazardous if they are not handled properly. It is undeniable that the improper disposal of E-waste can lead to the release of hazardous substances into the environment; causing irreparable damage to the environment and increased health risks to the surrounding population.


il y a 3 mois

Flexcycle is a Canadian Electronics Recycling Company located in Toronto, Ontario.

Flexcycle provides customers with a comprehensive selection of waste management services focusing on green electronics recycling, waste disposal, hard drive data destruction and shredder and resource management strategies. Here at Flexcycle, we pride ourselves on the core principles of “Environmental Protection”, “Information Security” and “Resource Integration”. Based on the model of sustainable junk removal, waste recycling and the “Zero Landfill”  initiative.

Flexcycle as an outstanding recycling center around Toronto area tailors the programs and measures that correspond to our various recycling projects to continually improve recovery rate. This is done in a bid to avoid burning and dumping to reduce the effects of environmental pollution and climate change.