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Spiff Up Your Garage With Floor Paint

8 décembre 2018

Are you tired of that dull gray concrete color.  We went through a period where designers used the natural color of this building material to make some kind of a fashion statement but now, thank God, we can get back to doing what comes natural to concrete, coloring it.  If you have never seen a tinted garage floor and how it makes the colors on your favorite car stand out then you have really been missing a sight.

Garage floor paint, usually an epoxy base product, can not only add great looks to your garage it also will improve the functionality and the safety when liquids are spilled.  There is really nothing slicker than a concrete floor with a little oil patch and some rain water dripping off the car.  The term, “My feet went out from under me,” takes on a whole new meaning. Adding a non-slip additive to the surface takes care of this problem.

Epoxy is inherently hard due to the nature of the product.  A petroleum based resin is mixed with a hardener and when the chemical reaction is completed the result is a super tough surface.  You can extend the life of your floor surface for years by protecting it with an epoxy floor paint.  After rolling out the mixture with a nap roller you can walk on it in about 18 hours and then after three days it has usually cured to the point you can drive on it without problems.

One of the nice things about a floor paint system is you can actually include color in two different way.  You can mix pigments with the resin and hardener to tint the entire floor and you can also add paint chips after rolling the solution out.  This way you can have one color as the base and then use a complementary color for the accents.

Epoxy floor paint is definitely something that will make your garage floor better looking and more functional for those weekend auto projects, though you may also want to consider as an alternative garage floor tiles.

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