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Order your Custom Furniture with Confidence!

27 janvier 2020

We only use the highest grade material, therefore, we offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
This warranty covers defects in workmanship.


Free Custom Furniture Consultation

27 janvier 2020

Consulting with our qualified furniture designers is a key step in creating the bespoke furniture of your dreams.
Every furniture project begins with the Design session. In this 1 hour in-store meeting, we take preliminary measurements, provide ideas and solutions and discuss any of your furniture design needs, preferences, thoughts and ideas and choose the solid wood material or even the slab you want to use for your bespoke piece of furniture.

Our goal is to better understand your furniture style in order to personalize and tailor suggestions to your aesthetic preferences and personal style, space, price range and the wood material you want to use.

Our Interior Design Experts will prepare detailed plans and sketches and will give you recommendations on individual furniture pieces, entire room decoration, colour, styles and solid wood materials that will make an impact.

At 1BENMU we guarantee that we will provide you with unique furniture designs and manufacture custom solid wood furniture that is known across GTA for its superior quality, its elegance, and its lasting value.

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