Maple Leaf Construction Ltd, Winnipeg, MB

mise à jour le 27 novembre 2019


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Corporate profile Maple Leaf Construction was established in 1943 as an excavation company. Our primary business at the time was excavation of dugouts for farmers across Western Canada for the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration) branch of the Federal Government. In 1950, we ventured into asphalt paving, which continues to be a major component of our present business. Our company further expanded into concrete paving in 1982 and sewer and water in 1993.
Today, Maple Leaf Construction does a wide variety of work including: commercial development, paving and site services, residential developments, street reconstruction, residential site services, as well as parking lot repairs and maintenance. We employ approximately 300 employees during peak season and operate over 600 pieces of equipment. We are capable of working on a wide range of projects, from very large projects to small repair and maintenance jobs.
Maple Leaf Construction is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, but with mobile plants and crews we are able to work all over Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario.

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