AdSpark Communications, Regina, SK

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AdSpark Communications is an advertising agency located in Regina, Saskatchewan. We manage marketing and advertising projects with a focus on realistic expectations and measurable results. We specialize in web development, graphic design, online marketing and social media. Our team is diverse, our aim is success.

"Stay small, stay quick, and stay current." From its inception this has been the key mantra of AdSpark Communications. We are a boutique agency and we're extremely proud of it. As a smaller agency we have the ability to offer quick turn around times without risking the integrity of your creative work. Being an agency of our size we carry little overhead giving us the ability to service a wide range of clients. When building AdSpark we chose moderate sustainable growth over inefficiencies and huge overhead. Our clients choose us because they want to do things differently.

Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Social media, Responsive Web Design
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