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Work Injury claims are complex and confusing. The paperwork is extensive and critical time limits must be met. There are many benefits available through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) that you may not be aware of. You may even have the right to sue your employer and not know it. If

A spinal injury is terrifying and life-altering. You need legal representation and protection whether your spinal injury was caused by a motor vehicle accident, a work-related incident, a slip and fall, a sports injury, or an assault. In most severe cases, medical expenses alone can exceed several

If you have suffered a brain injury, whether it was caused by a motor vehicle accident, an assault, an injury on the job, a sports injury, a slip and fall accident, or medical malpractice you need a personal injury lawyer. A brain injury can arise from something that appears minor such as whiplash

Medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult to litigate. Firstly, the law in Ontario requires that the facts of your case meet a defined legal standard. Secondly, you will require the favourable opinion of a highly regarded medical-legal expert in the field. Furthermore, a medical malpractice

Trying to handle a disability claim on your own is difficult. Insurance companies are experienced at denying claims. You may find numerous roadblocks and denials. Insurance companies routinely deny claims when people do not have a reputable lawyer. They do this in the hope that people simply walk

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