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Unbroken promises & dazzling skin results for facials from France Laure Sumptuous silky textures and pleasant fragrance, the Cosmétiques France Laure creations are synonymous with: - Quality products and treatments, adjusted to skin’s natural evolution and customized to suit all skin types. - Perfect


Electrocoagulation is a safe, non-invasive, effective treatment for removal of skin blemishes (skin tags, broken or dilated capillaries, ruby points or blood spots, spider angioma


Professional eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting add depth and colour to your eyes also to the definition of your face. And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing mascara


How well you maintain your hands and feet is a sure sign to others of your general personal hygiene and the level of importance you place on it. Sporting unkempt hands or feet is the quickest way to convey to those around you that you are untidy, careless or consider your outward appearance a non


There are many advantages to body waxing, some of which are : longer lasting results compare to shaving or depilatory creams, may be less painful than tweezing and hair can be removed at about a quarter of an inch or less. Over time frequent waxing during the beginning stage of hair growth, the

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