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Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings Have you driven in a car recently and heard abnormal noises coming from the tires? When you are driving, do you notice the steering wheel shake? These issues can seem so minor. With so much going on in your day, why worry about it? These small, superficial warning signs are here for a reason – to save your life, the lives of your family, and the lives of innocent drivers on the road. If your vehicle is showing these symptoms, you must stop driving it immediately! Have your vehicle checked by the professional mechanics at Right Way - right away! The results are in, and the diagnosis? Faulty wheel bearings. Wheel bearings have two important functions: they allow your wheels to spin freely and they keep your wheels attached to your vehicle. If the bearings begin to wear out, they will impact the wheel’s ability to spin freely and securely. Wheel bearings are so important to your vehicle that if you drive on a faulty one for too long, you will lose your wheel! Something as simple as hitting a pothole or a curb will easily damage a wheel bearing. Sometimes you may notice the symptoms very quickly, but other times wheel bearing failure may take months to show symptoms after an impact. Stop by Right Way Auto today for your vehicle’s regular, routine check-up – not only to ensure the safety of your vehicle, but the safety of you and your passengers as well! The professionals at Right Way Auto will provide a thorough inspection of your vehicle, ensuring each area of your vehicle is working to full capacity, and preventing any serious damage in the future. Maintaining a routine check-up for your vehicle may seem costly up front, but identifying and fixing issues before they become big hazards will save you money, time, and stress in the long run. Book your appointment today! Call Right Way Auto at 905-381-9285 or contact us online.

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