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Exhaust System at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

What Does An Exhaust System Do? An exhaust system reduces the noise produced during engine operation, carries the exhaust gases safely to the rear of the vehicle's body, and performs a series of critical emissions functions. The wickedest enemy of an exhaust system is rust. The components of the exhaust system can rust from inside as well as outside. An engine in operation produces water and acids, therefore, the exhaust components can corrode and fail in a relatively short time. Moreover, factors like condensation, variation in temperature, and salty road splashes can also affect the life of a vehicle's exhaust system. Thus, all the components of an exhaust system should be inspected for physical damage, rust formation, holes, and loose parts. An exhaust system service is usually needed when the components in the system rust and begin to leak, producing hissing or rumbling sounds. A leaking exhaust can allow toxic fumes to flow through any opening in the vehicle's body and into the passenger compartment. People have died from the engine's poisonous exhaust fumes. Therefore, damaged parts in an exhaust system must be repaired or replaced. The exhaust system also prevents harmful toxic substances produced by an engine from entering the atmosphere. In some cases, a damaged exhaust system may even cause a vehicle to fail an emissions test. An efficiently functioning exhaust system not only reduces the noise and is safer for you, your passengers and your car, but it also protects the environment. To schedule an appointment for our Exhaust System service, please contact us online or call us at (905) 381-9285.

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