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Boat Tops

High Performance Thread U.V. Protected – Designed to last ProSew™ will only ever use the top performing thread in all of our repairs and fabrications. Like Mike Holmes Says “Do it Right the First Time” U.V. Protection – The sun eventually breaks everything down with its damaging Ultraviolet rays. The thread that ProSew™ uses has extra U.V. inhibitors added to ensure your sewing project or repair will have an extra long life of durability and performance. Colorfastness – Our thread is twisted and bonded using a State-of-the Art bonding and dying process. This helps retain the original color of the thread by reducing fading over time. Anti-Wicking – ProSew™ threads also feature a anti-wicking property. This is great for reducing seam leakage.
Mobile Boat Top Repair & Replacement ProSew™ will come to where ever your boat is, even your dock. Can’t be bothered to bring your boat to us, WE WILL COME TO YOU. The ProSew™ boat top team any times can do your boat top repair or replacement right on-site. We have even done new tops while the boat is moored at the dock. Come and visit us to pick your fabric and we’ll take care of the rest. ProSew™ has a wide selection a high performance boat top fabrics like Sunbrella, TopGun and more.. Our Quick Turnaround times mean more time on the lake. ProSew™ always uses top quality threads in your project as well, for long life and durability of your repaired or replaced boat top.