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A Financial Review Should be Top of the New Year’s Resolution List

il y a 9 mois

Ensuring your financial wellbeing in 2018 should be part of any New Year’s resolutions


Is your head full of tinsel and fairy lights this week, don’t fret: soon Christmas will be over, and the snow will be settling on the first day of the New Year.


January, of course, is the time for looking forward, and ensuring your financial wellbeing in 2018, with a review of your insurance needs.


Do you have, or do you need life insurance? Are you covered against losing your income due to serious illness? When was the last time you really reviewed all your insurance? Your assets and liabilities have changed since then.


Thankfully, things have changed and in 2018 we can all protect our loved ones with a whole range of life and critical illness policies, under the umbrella of ‘family protection’ products.


Take critical illness insurance (CI) for instance. Today, with an average of 92 per cent of claims being paid, CI is a very reliable form of cover to protect you instead of using your retirement money when you need cash to recover from the critical illness.


If you are among the millions of self-employed people in Canada, the reasons for covering yourself against illness are even more obvious – especially if you’re a one-person-show and sickness could mean your company ceases to trade.


However, insurance is often referred to as a safety net that catches us when we fall and it could be argued that these are the very people who could benefit most from the security of having a policy in place.


Then again, you don’t have to be a trapeze artist, to need CI.


Even in the relative safety of our offices, we all stand a good chance of needing it. One in four men and one in five women will be off with a long-term illness, due to a critical illness during their working lives. You are much more likely to fall seriously ill than to die, before you retire.


So why not take that red pen and add a financial review to your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

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Why Should You Buy Life Insurance

il y a 9 mois

You should buy life insurance when you care deeply for someone or want to make a difference in the world and your financial resources aren’t able to fill the financial gap if you were to die.

Life Insurance – Solid Financial Base

There are people you love, your children, for example. You want to ensure they have a solid financial base (however you define it). The best answer is very often life insurance.

For some people, the proceeds would be used to pay estate taxes. This translates into the children or other loved ones having monies that would otherwise be owed to the government. Business owners, for example, regularly use life insurance to fund buy/sell agreements. Again, this ensures their families are going to get appropriate value for the efforts they’ve made to build a business.


Life Insurance and Charitable Giving Strategies

Many people want to do something consequential, which entails supporting worthwhile charitable causes. A few my clients incorporate life insurance into their overall charitable giving strategies. This way they can be sure they can fulfill their commitments to the philanthropic organizations they believe in and support.

A lot of people complain about having to pay the premiums. And, their complaints get louder and more persistent as the years go by and the premium payments add up. The premiums adding up are a good thing considering the alternative. The objective of life insurance is to lessen future financial burdens when someone dies. It’s to deal with unexpected and unwanted situations.

There’s no question that a capable professional can provide very sophisticated ways of using life insurance in many scenarios. Sometimes acquiring life insurance is the best option, and at other times it isn’t. Nevertheless, when you care deeply about someone, or there’s a charitable cause that’s very important to you, and your death will deprive them of the financial resources you want them to have, the answer is life insurance.

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