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26 février 2020


We assume that Instagram is essentially based on images. Thanks to the visual posts it is possible, in fact, to immediately capture the attention of the user who, even before starting to read, has the opportunity to fully immerse himself in your company . It is the power of visual storytelling , that is, the technique that aims to tell a story through an image, creating empathy with the public. This is precisely the concept you need to pay attention to: empathy, that is, the user feels understood, feels immersed in your world and, consequently, closer to your brand and the purchase of your products.

  • Highlight the positive, self-deprecating, cheerful aspects of your business. Stop the excessive professionalism, the "jacket and tie" style that could distinguish those who sign up for LinkedIn: everyone is more spontaneous on Instagram. So, let's start with smiles, selfies, products inserted in the right places and posted in the right moments.
  • Create images that are consistent with each other . Choose the filter that best suits what you want to express and keep it unchanged over time. Even the color plays in important role in this sense: do your company profile a palette of different colors, but keep the same style for each image. Below is an example of Lily Like Home, whose posts show a tendency to use pearl pink in the background: she always stands out, with clothes and products in various shades.
  • Insert your company logo in the images. Make sure that your brand is always visible in every post: only in this way the user will more easily associate the image with your brand, making the memorization process easier and faster .


One feature of Instagram that is increasingly appreciated by the world of the Web is the fact that it is constantly updated and that, every time, it adds interesting features. This happens both on the user and on the company side, allowing businesses to increase their visibility. This is why it is advisable to always stay on the piece, in order to avoid losing important updates that could make your strategy truly original and, consequently, successful.

In this sense, what you should pay particular attention to are the stories , ephemeral contents - they last only 24 hours - that you can show to your audience to make them participate in what you do daily. In fact, stories allow you to:

  • Create "standard" content : through a story you can highlight a product, send a message, give communications;
  • Create surveys . This is a relatively recent aspect, which allows you to interact with the followers, making their opinion important and unique. Buy In case if you are not having enough Instagram followers to meet your business needs, you can buy Instagram Followers UK to get know to users. Thanks to this function, you can ask a user if he prefers the sea or the mountain, high or low boots, traveling by train or plane. It is a way to increase involvement and, at the same time, to know more about what to bet on. If you run a clothing store,


In addition to images and stories, Instagram more than any other Social Network is based on hashtags , elements that make it almost a search engine. In fact, these are keywords preceded by the pound sign (for example, #casa) that users insert under the images to make them more visible . Let's take an example and look for the hashtag #puglia on Instagram, just to dream a little about holidays. Here are the results:

As you can see, Instagram already tells us how many images there are the hashtag #puglia (almost 7 million) and then highlights the most popular posts , i.e. those that have obtained the most hearts or that come from a more profile He said. It is precisely here that the secret is hidden: to search for the type of hashtag that is sought by the user , and which, above all, does not reveal a large number of competitors . If you think about it, it's a bit what happens with keywords to position your company on search engines.


Do you want to push your Instagram marketing strategies towards publishing videos, but do you think this platform allows you to highlight videos that are too short? Not so: for some months now, IGTV was born , the Instagram section that allows you to watch and publish videos. The real news is that, for the first time, mobile-first videos can be viewed , structured vertically and no longer horizontally (as happens, for example, on YouTube).

By opening a channel on IGTV, you will have the opportunity to publish videos up to 10 minutes long , in which to deal with different themes: you can make a presentation video , to make your followers understand who you are and what you do; you can make video tutorials, dispensing advice in your field; you can delve into topics that would be treated superficially in posts and stories. In short, the possibilities are many. The important thing is that, however, you maintain a certain consistency with your profile and that makes your movies recognizable among the thousands of videos on IGTV.