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il y a 10 mois

Students of the literature faculties often deal with a sensitive matter like poetry. They must not only read and understand it but also know how to complete a worksheet of a detailed report. It must be not only an outline but a full description of all technical tools used in the poem and a background for its creation. It is harder than a book report. You should read it a few times and keep in mind six aspects of the analysis. Make sure that you are aware of all of them.

Subject. What is the poem about and why? Sum up the content and context. Mention who, where, under what conditions it was written, who is the narrator, in which person is it, and other backgrounds.

Theme. What are the recurring ideas and topics? Identify the main issues.

Tone. How would you describe the language’s mood? Is it formal, bitter, sentimental, morbid?

Imagery. What Literary devices are used? List a few of them with examples and explain why they have been chosen by the author.

Form. Study stanzas, rhyme, rhythm, and punctuation. This step requires special attention and background.

Feeling. What emotions are being conveyed? Think about what might be the poet’s intention. Was it meant for a public audience?



il y a 10 mois

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