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il y a 10 mois

At the end of 2017 Seacret (skincare from the Dead Sea) partnered with Sevenpoint2 an amazing nutrition company that will help you feel not only amazing but look great and live healthier and longer!!!  The products are even 'children friendly' so if you are looking for something that will help you curb your appetite, give you more energy, help with a better sleep... change your body's unwanted acidity to healthy alkaline, just to name a few then you will want to contact me to find out how you too can get the best nutrition out there!!!!  Plant based and safe for you to take and even my doctor told me recently 'this looks great there is nothing that will harm you in this product line and it looks like a great nutrition plan''....paired with healthy exercise and clean eating this is a true WIN!!!!.... Seacret has you covered from head to toe Inside/Out and Outside/In!!!!


SEACRET™ (skincare from the Dead Sea)


Have you heard about Seacret?  Maybe in the past you saw us  in the high end kiosks in the world.  Well, we've transitioned to Direct Sales and spa parties held in the privacy of your own home where you can try any and all of our product line to discover what we are all about!!!  If you enjoy being pampered and doing it for free then you will love Seacret!  We have an amazing Age defy line that is 2nd to none!!  If you have considered Botox in the past but have been scared away by the cost then you will want to learn more about our line and the services we provide without the high costs and the countless return visits to keep you looking young.... Our recover has been nicknamed 'Botox in a Box'!!!  For a fraction of the cost of an expensive treatment you can achieve the same and better results that are long lasting!  Do you have Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, sensitive skin, dry cracked hands or feet, or maybe a baby with diaper rash?  Suffer no more, we have had great success in helping people with these and many other skin irritations and allowed them to get rid of costly medical prescriptions and procedures that offer little to no relief in the majority of cases....many medicatiions tend to scar and thin the skin and only offer temporary relief.... why not use a product that will help to get rid of the problem without causing you any grief and keeping it at bay!!!??

We recently added a Nutrition Line to our already impressive skincare line..... so you can take care of yourself from the Outside/In to the Inside/Out!!!  Do you feel tired and rundown daily and you run out of energy before you run out of day?  No fear with our Daytime 'slurp' your body will receive all the minerals, nutrients, vitamins necessary to help get you and your body through the day and help you to feel refreshed and energetic.... Do you have trouble sleeping at night or maybe you find yourself only sleeping for short periods at a time never getting that deep REM sleep your body needs and therefore waking in the morning and feeling like you didn't sleep long enough?  No problem, our Nighttime 'sip' will help to replenish your body.  The end of your day is the start of recovery. You get optimal doses of key vitamins and minerals plus a proprietary NIGHT complex providing three key benefits: calmness, cellular cleansing and a healthy inflammatory response. 

I love helping people feel better about the skin they're in and if you do too, why not consider joining our wonderful family and helping others 'bring out their best'.... why not be the reason someone smiles today and everyday!!  Seeing the happy smiling faces of people that were so overwhelmed by skin irritations and feeling they had nowhere to turn is so fulfilling or watching the smile of someone that had almost resigned themselves to looking older than they were because anything they tried in the past didn't work or only provided short term results and the alternative of expensive skin doctors was too frightening to consider, knowing they would have to return in 6 months or even earlier to maintain their results....that is magic!!!  If you would like to learn about our incredible compensation plan (I have never seen anything comparable in all my years of Direct Sales), and if you enjoy earning trips (all expenses paid) if you enjoy working from home and dictating your hours of work, if you would like to receive FREE product and earn money while doing so then YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME NOW!!!