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Mortgage Broker Fort McMurray Jodi Whalen

il y a 9 mois

Welcome to Mortgages for Less/Whalen Mortgages where we work for you! Not the Banks!!

Jodi Whalen – Mortgage Specialist :: 780-715-7533

Are you sick of the banks turning you down or having to fit into one model?

As a Local Mortgage Agent I know the lenders and each product they have along with all of their guidelines.

My job is to get you what you want!! I make sure to diligently do your application and see which lender it fits best with to maximize your pre-approval amount and lock your rate in for 120 days while you are house shopping.

Are you sick of waiting for bank appointments in Fort McMurray and weeks to find out if you’re pre-approved?

If you call me today in 20 minutes I will have your pre-approval complete. 780-715-7533 .  I look forward to working with you on the purchase of your new home!

I will let you know on the spot what amount you can spend!!! NO more waiting and scheduling around the Banks hours.  I WORK around YOUR Hours!!

Some lenders will allow us to use overtime if you have done the same line of work for over 2 years even if you’re not at the same employer for 2 full years while most will not. This is just one example of how each lender has different policies where one bank may only approve you for $500,000 while another lender could approve you for $700,000.

As a Trusted Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker my job is to make sure we make a plan together to get your new home and we figure out how to obtain this.  Creating alternatives and not having to fit into one bank’s model.

I will exhaust all options and will stop at nothing to get you the pre-approval amount you want. I will review all possible alternatives to achieve this. I will help guide you through the pre-approval to the final stages of purchasing a home in Fort McMurray. I will let you know what to expect at each stage of the purchase.

At Mortgages for Less/Whalen Mortgages we have teamed up with the top lenders that lend in Fort McMurray that offer us the LOWEST Mortgage Rates which we can then give to our clients!!

Some lenders hold high penalties for a low rate mortgage while others will not allow you to port your mortgage to a new home within your term. Let me help you pick the right mortgage so you are never stuck with a big penalty.  

I would be honoured to help you obtain your dream of a new home in Fort McMurray.