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8 Things To Know Before Requesting A Website Design Quote

il y a 10 mois

Planning to create (or redesign) a business website for your service/product to market it online? I would say you are on the right path, as every business needs a website. Depending on business goal a website can be simple 5-6 pages serve as a brochure or even a simple blog, which provide information which your potential customers might be looking online. Creating a website for local or small business is an essential thing which every business owner should think off. So, If you have made your mind around getting a website for your business and seeking for a quality website design quote from a website designer, this article will provide some great information to get started.

These are some few essential information you should gather before you approach any website designer or web design agency. It’s a homework that every person or company looking to design a website should be doing. Why is this important? because when you contact any website designer without essential information about your website plans. You will be wasting your time. You may look unprofessional, therefore some company and individual freelancer might not entertain your request for website design quote.

Following are the 8 Essential piece of information that you should gather or prepare before asking a website designer for a quote.

1. What Are The Goals/Purpose Of Creating A Website?

2. How Will Your Customers Find You?

3. Actions Website Visitor Takes On Your Website:

4. Outline The Pages You Want On Your Website (Create A Sitemap)

5. Website Design Look And Feel.

6. Find The Budget You Want To Spend On Your New Website.

7. Proposed Launch Date

8. Keeping A Website Updated And Live.

Read the full article here, Hope this article will help you in the process of creating or rebuilding your company website project. Let me know in the comment below about the challenges you might have faced during a website designer hiring process.