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Aboriginal Customary Law Books

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Indigenous People, Aboriginals or Natives living in different parts of the World, form a very large group of people, living in the reserves or distinctively marked places. The New Western World ( Mostly) having established themselves after snatching the vast areas ofland and  and resources, allowed the Aboriginal Population in some remote areas of their countries.

North American Indians, even today, despite so much of modernism across the continents, are living in such dilapidated conditions that anyone with a sense of justice , will,should, and is ashamed of meeting out the un-human like treatment, to the so called original people,.

Thanks to certain Foundations, and Grants and Entrepreneurships of the smart people from such TRIBAL NATIONS, today, they are trying to establish themselves, as part of the Progressive socities inhabitated in various continents.  Canada stands out as one such nation,that  with the help of current leadership at the helm of affairs, that Aboriginals are forming their own nation, Governments and Cultures,  and are a strong force to reckon with .

In order for these indigenous nations to have the legal rights in day to day activities with the other governments, trading partners or cultural relations, they needed laws affecting them, in various field of activities

We came across few important publications, concerning the above related subjects and areas of interest on a website that we felt, blogging this information will be an awakening factor, towards this aspect of human life, as it affects us all in one form of the other.

Here is a list of some recent publications, which can be ordered through

The Annotated Aboriginal Law: The Constitution, Legislation and Treaties and Supreme Court of Canada Case Summaries 2018

Provides you with up-to-date legislation, constitutional documents, case law, and annotations. Written by Shin Imai, an experienced aboriginal law practitioner and teacher, this book features the full text of the Indian Act and Regulations, accompanied by hundreds of annotations and section-by-section summaries of all significant court decisions interpreting or applying the legislation.

Today Aboriginal or indigenous or Natives, form a sizeable community to be ignored, therefore many Universities across North America, have established, full Native Studies Departments, to enhance the knowledge about their rights and their influence, in modern societies.

Here are some other publications available to be ordered from

Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America

Aboriginal Customary Law

Modern First Nations Legislation Annotated, 2018 Edition 

First Nations in the Twenty-First Century 

Mack's Expert Evidence Compendium - 2018 Edition

Aboriginal Law Handbook, 4th Edition  as its popularly known, carries similar publications on Aboriginal Customary Law Books

And we strongly recommend a visit to this website or send them an email at for more information and a free newsletter, on this and other subjects