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Gelly Launches Digital Map App with "Chat on a Map" Feature

il y a 2 mois

Gelly, a new software app that offers “chat on a map,” has just launched their digital maps tool. To demonstrate their tech, they’ve created a number of buzzworthy maps:

“We wanted a way to demonstrate how Gelly works,”  says Gelly CEO Vincent Lam. “We thought maps of ice cream parlours and local startups would generate a lot of discussion.” It’s not an accident that they chose topics that would generate a reaction. “The key feature of Gelly is the ability to chat about locations right on the map, so we chose relevant topics that we knew people feel passionate about.”

The app was created to help people and businesses that have a need to collaborate around multiple locations. Gelly acts as an alternative to expensive geospatial software that is hard to use, and the free maps tools which don’t offer customization or collaboration. Some unique features of Gelly are the chat channel, where users can tag each other or the locations on the map, and the ability to upload a spreadsheet of locations with custom fields, that can later be filtered on the map itself.

People who want to try Gelly can click through to the maps above and join the conversation, or create a new account and start creating their own maps.

About Gelly

Gelly is a simple map making software platform for online map creation and communication. This map creator will let you publish locations with notes, files, and photos, and have conversations on a beautiful map. You can create one or more maps by uploading existing location data or by clicking the map to create a location.

In the chat, you can mention both users and places in your conversations. Our map creator allows you to share the places you've visited recently and invite your friends to chat. It's easy to offer advice to friends, share photos and notes about each place. Gelly can be used for free, and gives you access to your maps whenever you need, wherever you are.

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