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How do I start a successful Shopify business

5 mars 2019

Most of the online stores fail due to just one reason – they start it the wrong way!!

There’s a myth among people who plan to start an online store in Shopify commerce platform – source any product, design a beautiful site, make lucrative images of your product and people will pull out their credit cards to buy the products from you.

Starting with such WRONG assumptions almost instantly determines the fate of a new online shop – a mausoleum of products that never make their way to an owner.

The situation forces the founders to fumble for buyers, heavily discount the products and create emails or contents that sound like almost begging for a purchase. Assumably, this doesn’t last long and the store gets shut down.

So, how could you start a successful Shopify business?

The Secrets to Success with a Shopify Store

  1. Don’t waste too much time, effort or money on a fancy design theme unless you have enough time,. You should be obsessed with selling, not the design. Any average looking website just does good enough to sell millions of dollars worth of product.See Quadlock, for example. Its design is minimalistic, yet it has been funded in Kickstarter and it is making million dollar sales.
  2. Reach your potential customers as much as possible even before you launch. Build a Facebook page, email lists or anything like that. Try to inform people through all possible ways so that they know your shop is “coming soon”. This can make your Launch Day gain a lot of traction as well as you can start selling from the very first day. For example, Harry’s Razors made 100,000 email subscribers before their store launch and started making profit from day 1. BestSelf Co.did the same to launch a $2 Million Business!
  3. Build/source a high-quality product and develop an excellent customer experience with it. Most of the people use Shopify for dropshipping. That’s fine by the way, but you need to make sure of the quality. To know more about how to research your products for Shopify dropshipping, see here
  4. It may sound a cliche – still it’s relevant – you should focus on solving a unique problem of your customers no matter how small it appears to be. For example, Quadlock solved the navigation through phone issue while running or riding. TomboyX detected a underwear problem for women who’re working in blue collar jobs and developed a solution for them. Both of the companies struck gold through their innovation.
  5. Don’t guess what your potential customer might be looking for. Ask them and plan your products accordingly. Also, try to build a customer community around your store.For example, Brilliant Business Moms originally started as a podcast series for mompreneurs. Once the founder Beth Anne and her sister surveyed the community to know what’s the most pressing challenge they encounter everyday. The top answer was – finding a way to organize the time as a mom and an entrepreneur.The survey finding resulted in a hot-selling time management book, a planner and a Shopify store aiming to help moms flourish in business and in life.
  6. Be flexible with your products. Try to test a couple of new products in each month. If something is not working, leave it and start with something else. If something is making you money, try to expand it. This is one of the key strategies I used to make my Shopify business successful.