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Teaching Young Children to Read

7 mars 2020

Teaching Young Children to Read

Reading can be a natural and enjoyable activity for the whole family. It is very important to start reading with children very early in life. I started reading to my children in the womb and my boys (grown men) love reading. Parents can be creative when reading books - use funny voices, facial features, and movements to engage their children.

Here are some helpful hints for reading:

  • Read clearly and not too fast
  • Use funny facial expressions
  • Make funny voices or male and female voices
  • Start with short colourful books
  • Ask questions as you read - what is he doing? Who is it? Do you like this? Do you like this book? How many? Can you.....?
  • Clap and do movements 
  • Make a craft about the book
  • Paint a picture about the book

Remember: If you are telling your children that reading is fun and they never see you reading they may question what you are saying. Be a role model for your children. If you are not a good reader you can turn the pages with your child and look at the pictures to give you clues of what is going on. Take your children to the library to hear others read. If you are a good reader, let children hear the rhythm of reading. Read with them daily and let them know that reading is a gift that will las