Skin Care Toronto - Interview


Regaining the natural glow


How to choose a non-surgical clinic for aesthetic treatments? When choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic you face a number of options that require consideration before making a decision. Choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic can present a number of conundrums in choosing the correct one for you.


Cylex: What type of services does Skin Care Toronto offer?

Skin Care Toronto: Skin Care Toronto is a full service skin care clinic in North York, Toronto offering an extensive list of services that includes: Facials, Microcurrent Facial Treatment, Microdermabrasion, Non-Surgical Face Lift, Needless Mesotherapy, Chemical and Enzyme Peels, Gold and Diamond Facial Treatments, Pedicures, Manicures, Waxing and Body Treatments. Our specialty is customized facial treatments, delivering the highest quality service, products and very friendly environment. With over 25 years of experience we have been always dedicated to client services, the attention to every detail and staying on top of the latest innovations in aesthetic industry. We cater our services to both, men and women of all ages in a very serene and professional  atmosphere. We are very flexible with demanding schedules of our clients and even provide a shuttle service to and from Toronto Subway Station at Finch and Yonge.

Cylex: In your opinion, how important is skin care, in the overall health and well being of one’s body?

Skin Care Toronto: Good skin care is very essential for people, particularly to ensure the graceful aging. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and comes in constant contact with outside elements on daily basis, facing a great abuse of environmental changes. It also very important to remember, that our skin is a cover up for all our internal organs, skeleton and acts like a shield between you and outside world. It holds body fluids in, preventing from dehydration, keep your body temperature constant, even producing Vitamin “D” to keep our bones and the rest of our body healthy. Skin is full of nerve endings that helping us to feel cold, heat and other sensations. Without that we would injure ourselves very easy. Good skin care is not only looking good, it’s about staying healthy. Poor diet and lifestyle, unhealthy stressful environment and bad skin care habits, all can lead to skin disorders, rashes, sores and premature wrinkles. Our skin reacts on whatever we consume and quite often as rejection will produce skin abnormalities. Good skin care is very important for people who experience skin issues like, acne, allergies or eczema. We have to remember that our skin is always in the process of growing and changing. Old cells are dying and new ones are forming. Therefore, we have to stay vigilant to keep our skin in good health. The good diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, plenty of fresh clean water; good rest and proper skin care habits will give you great rewards not only in good looking younger skin, but in general health, too. Is in it the best gift you can get?



Cylex: What type of treatments and products do you work with?

Skin Care Toronto: We are very confident with our two main skin care brands that we are using, the Guinot (Paris) and Skeyndor(Spain). Founded in France over forty years ago, the collection of skincare products known throughout the world as "Guinot Paris" began as a focused approach to treating the skin with the now legendary Hydradermie treatment. From this starting concept, the Guinot moved on to developed treatment-compatible products for home use. The complete Guinot Paris line of products provides a wide range of beauty care for three specific categories; face, body and sun protection. In each category, the Company’s philosophy and professional expertise is a guide to product use and important part of the skincare message.

Keeping its roots in the spas where its professional treatments began, Guinot Paris is recognized as the leading skincare collection, available exclusively at prestigious spas worldwide.

Guild Awards of Excellence 2017, nominated Guinot Paris as an official winner of the best 2017 anti-aging supplier. Here are just a few facts about it:

·       The products are not tested on animals.

·       To improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants.           

·       The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment, notably by sourcing them from renewable plants.

SKEYNDOR’s philosophy is based on continuous innovation and facilitating work for beauty centers with new active ingredients and breakthroughs, which enabled to develop the “SKEYNDOR the Scientific Cosmetics” concept with scientifically-proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.

SKEYNDOR’s innovative activities are reflected in its broad range of products which include the most advanced anti-age face treatments, Global Lift, Eternal or Corrective; preventive treatments (Skin Oxygen, Antioxidant); luminosity treatments (Power C+, Natural Defense); renovating treatments (Power Retinol, Derma peel); skin blemish prevention treatments (Urban White); oily skin treatments (Clear Balance); essential care treatments (Essential), sensitive skin treatments (Aquatherm) and moisturizing treatments (Power Hyaluronic).

All the treatments are created for professional procedures and home care.

Throughout the years, the company has seen its efforts rewarded through prestigious awards such as the Laus de Oro Award (1995), the Award for Excellence in Exporting (2003), Herald Tribune – Sydney (PLATINIUM SUBLIME EYE CONTOUR) (2004) and the Lider pack Award (2012), Best Anti-Age Line of the Year Award of the Asia Spa Awards CORRECTIVE (2012) and first prize for the best product in the Professional cosmetics category in the Third edition of the Beauty Awards and “The Professional Anti Aging Product Award”, granted by the Sisters Beauty Pro magazine published for China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore (LIFT CONTOUR ELIXIR GLOBAL LIFT)

We are very proud that we have an opportunity to work with such globally known companies and offer to our clients procedures that help improve their skin.

Cylex: How would you dispute the advantages of your methods versus cosmetic surgery?

Skin Care Toronto: We all want to look good and younger our age, but your skin can’t look good if its congested, has a layers of dead skin. Build up of dead skin cells give the skin dull complexion, sally appearance, pores look dirty and enlarged. All that giving our skin uneven ant tied look. Professional aesthetic treatments and facials can clean dead skin cells making your skin radiate healthy vitality, something that cosmetic surgery can’t do. I am trained to understand and design treatment plan for people with special skin care concerns like Acne, pigmentation and aging. Our work also includes post operative care. We can’t run away from facts that having surgical procedure could have some non desirable side effects, compare to aesthetic enhancement treatments, where one always go home happy. Our treatments are pain free, very affordable, and do not require time out, only time for pleasure.

Cylex: Can you also follow some of your treatments at home? Are the results the same?

Skin Care Toronto: Facial treatments leave your skin looking radiant, soft and glowing. Your skin just been exfoliated, deeply cleansed, had a massage and an application of different  creams targeted specifically for your skin type and needs. And now after the facial, the question is: How to keep that way? One of the very important advice I can give, don’t touch your face after the facial! Skin could be a little sensitive to the touch, especially after extractions or after Chemical peel. Drink lots of fluid to keep your skin hydrated and most important, stay away from the sun.

I always advice my clients to continue with home care after a facial, to extend the results. It’s very simple, cleanse, tone and moisturize. We have all the products available to take home after the treatment, as well, as protocol how to use it and what amount. As an owner of the business I’m available online 24/7 to answer all the questions. The home care is extremely important factor after the treatment, because it will continue to supply your skin with active ingredients that were used during professional treatments. Remember, that our skin keep renewing every 28 to 45 days (depends on the age). Therefore, in addition to regular facials it is necessary to take care of your skin  daily at home. This will extend the results gained during facial treatments.


Cylex: What plans do you have for the future?

Skin Care Toronto: My future plans? Continue to work and learn more. I love my work, my clients, challenges and education. Skin care is fascinating field of science, health, beauty, medicine and psychology. It takes years to reap the benefits from this profession and I am at this point now. When I am looking back and asking myself if I could have done some other job, my answer is NO! It gives me great pleasure to help make someone happy and seeing smile on their faces. They trust me to touch them and make changes that they see every day in a mirror.


Everyone wants to look perfect but one of the major problem which occurs when your age increases is that there are lot of wrinkles on the face and you start developing obesity. There are many major and effective treatments in the market by which you can regain your natural glow.