Waterworks Irrigation, Victoria, BC

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Waterworks Irrigation Victoria BC believes in delivering a quality product with quality workmanship. - With our 3 year warranty, and certified irrigation technician staff installing to the IIABC standards you will be satisfied with your project for years to come. Whether it be a pond, irrigation system, landscape lighting or landscapes, Waterworks staff have multiple certifications and combined years of experience. We would be happy to help create the outdoor living space you desire.
Your Satisfaction is Our Priority - Our Certified Irrigation Technicians go above and beyond to reach each customer’s landscape desire. Whether you’re looking for landscaping, irrigation or water feature installation, we’ll work closely with you. For Irrigation system installs we can complete projects from small to large with the highest degree of workmanship.
Above and beyond premium lawn sprinkler systems, waterworks can also service existing systems or even perform emergency repairs 24/7.

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