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CABLE WINE SYSTEMS wine racking system comprised of high quality wine storage racks able to accommodate difference sized bottles with excellent label visibility.The minimalist nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ allow additional features to be incorporated such as angled displays and/or floating shelves at no additional cost to the consumer. The CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ is the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system available on the market. Benefits of CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ -Their system is more versatile as it is able to accommodate difference sized bottles. -CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ is assembled on site, so it can be tailored for preference (ie.
If you like your bottles angled a certain way). Advantage over wood: when stored with a wood system, you can’t see the labels. With Cable Wine Systems it makes the labels visible.
Fits in with modern decor -Modern contemporary Style -Floating shelves or angled displays can also be added for additional interest and appeal.

Description de l'entreprise
The CABLE WINE SYSTEM is the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system available on the market. Comprised of cables made from the finest grade of stainless steel secured by top and bottom tension set mounts and connecting clamps made of solid brass with brushed nickel and chrome finishes, this superior and luxurious wine racking system is sure to enhance the visual impact and presentation of any wine collection or display.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of its individual parts and pieces, the sophistication of CABLE WINE SYSTEM’s double cable cradling of each individual wine bottle makes your wine collection look as though it is floating on air. Incorporate additional features such as angled bottle displays, accent lighting and floating shelves and you are sure to create a stunning wine display that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with anyone who sees it.
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